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ZookaWare® Releases Update to CyberBackup™

A new version of CyberBackup™ online PC backup software is now available from ZookaWare®. CyberBackup 2.7 is free to all current CyberBackup users and will provide a stable, fast way to backup your PC. The most recent update addresses user concerns, improves the overall experience and offers additional tools and features for increased functionality.

ZookaWare’s team of expert software designers designed CyberBackup to easily secure users’ data, providing easy advanced software for PCs. The new and improved CyberBackup maximizes remote backup interface speed, eliminates bugs and offers a select group of improvements to increase overall functionality for every user. Remote backup to multiple facilities ensures that all your data is completely safe and secure. The encrypted remote backup comes with access to the 24/7 US based customer service phone center for one year. Users also have access to 24/7 online tech support through the ZookaWare support tab on

If you are a current user of CyberBackup, you are going to love this upgrade!



CyberBackup™ 2.7

Update is free to all current CyberBackup™ users


• Improved Speed
• Improved Text in Dialog Copy
• Improved Scheduling Abilities
• Resolution of “Bugs” and Occasional Freezing
• NEW Feature: Improved User Interface
• NEW Feature: Current Subscription Status
• NEW Feature: Backup Information/Statistics
• NEW Feature: Automated Screen Handling

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Remove Adware to Protect Against Data Loss and Potential Identity Theft

Remove adware with SpyZooka by ZookaWare. The product is designed to detect, remove and protect against all forms of malware including spyware and adware. The removal of all types of malware is vital. Ignoring it can result in data loss, computer function disruption and even identity theft. Get rid of the potential for harm by installing SpyZooka today.


•    Detect, Remove and Protect Against All Forms of Malware

•    Compatible with all Versions of Windows

•    24/7 USA Based Phone Support

•    100% Money Back Guarantee

PC users expect their computers to work. They were purchased for a reason. When they begin to stop providing the appropriate response, or slow down so much that it disrupts the user’s ability to utilize the tools and features, most of you may become dissatisfied and frustrated. Instead, consider whether or not you have provided your computer with a satisfactory work environment. Any employee’s work will suffer if their work environment is infested with elements that are harmful to their physical or mental health. It’s the same for your PC.

Make sure you are providing an adequate work environment for your PCs before you decide that they are failing to complete the job they were purchased to perform. Do you perform the basic maintenance? Do you keep your computer clean and dry? Do you ensure that SpyZooka is installed and set to regularly perform scans for malware that could be inhibiting your PC from performing as designed?

What? You weren’t aware that you needed to remove adware in order for your computer to offer optimum performance? It’s just as important as it is for you to have a safe work environment. Granted, your employer has to report to government agencies. You, on the other hand, only have to report to your PC. If you’re embarrassed to have such a discussion with your closest computer friend, it’s possible that you’ve been offering a sub-par PC environment. Make immediate improvements with ZookaWare’s SpyZooka. The results will be immediate and your PC’s new ability to function and stay on task will amaze you.

DNS Changer – A New Addition to the Realm of Malware

Malware is alive and well in our nations, as well as around the world. It has been a problem in the past, and is sure to be a problem in the future. As long as there are computers, there will be malware. There is no foolproof method of preventing malware infection. Malware comes in many shapes and sizes and can be very difficult for computer users to identify, much less remove from their system. While the majority of users are aware that they need to keep an active spyware protection program on their PC, some still haven’t come to terms with the fact that malware protection, such as ZookaWare’s SpyZooka, is equally important. The most dangerous element of malware is that it is constantly changing. Individuals set on utilizing malware for their own purposes generate new methods of infiltrating user computers frequently. Users must be vigilant and aware of the potential for harm.

As a contemporary example of malware, officials recently took down a group of cyber criminals responsible for DNS Changer malware. The group was made up of 6 Estonians and one Russian who were masquerading as Internet advertisers who were paid by-the-click. The FBI, NASA-OIG and the Estonian police worked together to put an end to the criminal ring’s harmful activities in 2011. The group had been operating under the company name Rove Digital since 2007 with one sole purpose: to distribute DNS changing Trojans (also known as: TDSS, Alureon, TidServ, and TDL4 viruses).

This particular cyber criminal group was very effective in reaching a large number of users. During the past year, the Internet Systems Consortium was court-ordered to operate replacement DNS servers for the Rove Digital network. The intention was to provide affected networks with the time necessary to identify infected hosts and avoid sudden disruption of services to the massive number of victimized computers. This temporary solution came to an end on July 9, 2012. Users still infected with the DNS Changer malware will have problems getting online even with a normal Internet connection.

Many still aren’t sure what the DNS Changer malware is capable of doing to their computer. It’s an especially nasty piece of malware that reroutes a PC’s web traffic without the knowledge or consent of the PC user. Rove Digital’s botnet altered DNS settings (without user knowledge or consent) in order to point unsuspecting computer users towards malicious DNS in data centers located in Estonia, New York and Chicago. Every web search begins with DNS. The user searches for a site by name (for example: and the DNS takes this information and uses it to find the accompanying IP address assigned to the website the user is searching for. This provided ample opportunity for Rove Digital’s malicious DNS servers to show users of infected PCs an altered version of the Internet that included: malicious answers, fake information, altered user searches, promotions of fake and/or dangerous products and services, etc.

Infection of a PC by Rove Digital’s DNS Changer malware essentially handed over control of web browsing to a cyber-criminal gang. The FBI released information indicating that the criminals benefitted from the malware by using their unprecedented web browsing control of so many users to replace legitimate advertising with their own. The group generated $14 million from their criminal activity. The process is referred to as “click hijacking” in reference to the pay-per-click advertising that’s currently popular amongst web advertisers. This seemingly simple act originally left more than 4 million infected computers in 100 countries. These numbers have decreased drastically since the discovery of the details of the operation, but users are still being urged to check their system for problems.

Users who fear their computer may be in danger of infection by DNS Changer or other, potentially dangerous viruses or malware should:

1.    Verify that software programs put in place to detect and protect their PC are active and functioning properly. Remove any malware from the system.**

2.    Create backups of vital and personal data stored on the computer/s. This will ensure that no data is lost in the event that a virus or piece of malware cannot be removed and the user needs to reformat and repair the hard drive.

3.    Infection by DNS Changer malware could leave the user with modified local DNS settings. Reset them manually. For step by step instructions on how to do this contact your Internet service provider.

4.    Routers may also have been affected using a password guessing technique. If the Trojan gained access to the router, the DNS inside will also need to be modified. Verify that the router is connecting to your service provider’s DNS servers by looking at the DNS settings of the router. If the DNS settings are set to an IP range that is part of the rogue DNS servers, it will need to be reset. IP ranges of the rogue DNS servers can be found at the FBI’s public service announcement. For additional instructions on resetting the router, contact your service provider.

5.    Users with router problems should also change the administrative name and password.

6.    Check to verify that operating system software is up to date, as malware can block automatic updates.

**Officials have recommended that anyone not running a Windows operating system or anyone not able to remove the DNS Changer malware from their system using accepted utilities and programs update the master boot record and reformat the hard drive. Some users may need to utilize the services of a local repair shop to complete this process.
DNS Changer has affected a large number of computers and users should actively prevent it from harming their PC by utilizing reputable and effective PC protection software and services. But, sadly, it is not the only virus or form of malware that poses a threat to PC safety. It is highly recommended that every PC user regularly verify that their system is free of the latest in malware threats through the use of a regularly updated malware removal product. A good recommendation is SpyZooka. The frequent updates to SpyZooka’s database of malware means that users are fully protected against groups that would hack into their system for personal gain. Computers will continue to be the focal point for many criminal activities, and users should be vigilant in accessing the best tools available for maximum PC protection.

The Runtime Error Will Soon Cease to Taunt Me and Haunt My Computer

The dreaded runtime error – it’s the closest I’ve ever been to a poltergeist or possession by an evil spirit. My computer is my right arm; it’s actually more important than my right arm. My right arm can do half the typing, and reach for my 44 ounce soda, and even hit mute so I can respond to a friend’s obnoxious comment about a favorite movie, even while on a work phone call. But my computer can balance my checkbook, receive and send emails, stream TV and videos, provide me with all my shopping needs…I’ll stop here because I think we’re all aware that this list could literally go on forever. I haven’t even scratched the surface.

So it’s obvious what I’m saying, right? I would have preferred that my right arm be possessed by the devil than to see the meltdown that began last week on my precious PC. It all started with a runtime error. At first it didn’t seem like a big deal. I thought the runtime error would pop up a few times and then drift off into the matrix, so to speak. This was not what happened. The runtime error seemed to breed problems. Within days, my computer was dragging. I didn’t even have the patience to wait for the Internet to open, my photo editing programs wouldn’t open at all and my favorite distractions from work would only open long enough for me to see them close abruptly.

It had to end. That’s why I purchased the registry cleaner that ZookaWare calls RegZooka. There were a lot of options for registry cleaning products, but this one was supposedly the best. I was sold as soon as I read that they offered a 100% error removal guarantee. I like a great product, but I’m not very trusting so even when a product has a fabulous history of success and a lot of people willing to go on and on about how wonderful it is, I still want an opportunity to get a refund if I don’t agree.

Needless to say, I do agree. My runtime error (and all it’s little registry error babies) is officially out of time and my PC is now running like new.

Thanks for following through on your advertising.


Jimmy F., Provo, Utah

SpyZooka – Spyware Removal and PC Optimizer

SpyZooka by ZookaWare isn’t just your typical, run of the mill, kind of effective spyware removal program. ZookaWare doesn’t release products that are “kind of” effective. We actually find such products quite offensive. We only release products that follow through on advertised promises. In the case of SpyZooka that means we made sure that it effectively removed malware prior to releasing it to the public. Skip the programs that will remove “some” of your spyware problems and get it done with SpyZooka. Our #1 rated spyware removal program is so good that many refer to it as a spyware removal product AND PC optimizer.

SpyZooka by ZookaWare:

•    100% Spyware Removal – Guaranteed

•    24/7-USA Based Phone Support

•    Completely Automated Advanced Features

•    Daily Updates for Improved Protection for Every PC

•    Computer Experts Worldwide Recommend SpyZooka

•    60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Some say perfection is a myth. Others say that it’s an impossibility. We say that it’s something to reach for everyday. That’s why our products are constantly being updated, and providing ZookaWare customers with the most up to date protection and optimization for their PC. SpyZooka benefits from ZookaWare’s proprietary spyware destroying robot that hits over 100 million online sites daily in order to find new spyware threats that could attempt to infiltrate users’ PCs.

Users love SpyZooka not only because we offer a 100%, 60-day money back guarantee, but also because we offer guaranteed 100% spyware removal. Our daily updates ensure the very best results, and our 24/7, unlimited customer service center provides peace of mind. SpyZooka…it’s the PC optimizer of choice.

Optimize My PC With SpyZooka by ZookaWare

Can SpyZooka by ZookaWare optimize my PC? Do I need to be an expert in all things computers in order to successfully navigate the program? These are the most commonly voiced concerns by PC users looking for solutions that haven’t yet tried ZookaWare products. The easiest way to answer the questions is for the users with a question about SpyZooka’s effectiveness to simply try the product. There is no risk due to the 60-day 100% money back guarantee, but some still want to hear the answers out loud. For those of you who need this verbal reassurance, read the following out loud in a clear strong voice. Yes, SpyZooka by ZookaWare can optimize your PC and no, you don’t need to be an expert in order to handle the program.

SpyZooka by ZookaWare:

•    100% Spyware Removal – Guaranteed

•    24/7-USA Based Phone Support

•    Completely Automated Advanced Features

•    Daily Updates for Improved Protection for Every PC

•    Computer Experts Worldwide Recommend SpyZooka

•    60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

SpyZooka optimizes the PC by scanning the computer for malware of all types and sizes, identifying it, removing it and then protecting it from future infection. Many fear malware because it is ever-evolving, but the SpyZooka product offers daily updates using information generated from ZookaWare’s proprietary spyware destroying robot. Our robot hits at least 100 million online pages every day, looking for new spyware threats. This process enables SpyZooka to keep users protected from even the latest malware threats.

ZookaWare products are thoroughly tested by average users and professionals prior to release to the public. The products are never released until expert, average and beginning users are able to successfully navigate the program and obtain top-level results without accessing tech support. Regardless of the user-friendliness of the programs provided by ZookaWare, sometimes users feel like chatting with a friendly tech support agent. That’s why ZookaWare offers 24/7 support for every ZookaWare product user regardless of whether they’ll need it or not. You might not need any help, but you can depend upon the ZookaWare professionals to be there to chat about the latest product updates, PC questions or simply whether or not you like the latest article posted on the ZookaWare site.

Depending on ZookaWare’s SpyZooka to Make My Computer Faster

PC users everywhere can depend upon ZookaWare’s SpyZooka to increase their computer’s overall speed by removing threats from common malware. In the words of a current SpyZooka user, “SpyZooka is the first product that actually followed through on promises to make my computer faster.”

SpyZooka by ZookaWare:

•    100% Guarantee Spyware Removal

•    24/7 USA Based Phone Support Included with Purchase

•    Completely automated Advanced Features

•    Daily Updates for Complete Protection

•    Recommended by Computer Experts Worldwide

•    60-Day Money Back Guarantee

ZookaWare’s software design team is uniquely capable of providing average users with expert results. The computer industry is defined by many as an exclusive group that can’t quite translate the best ideas and processes into products and services that are accessible by beginning and average users. Computer experts seem to be able to maximize products and software in a way that garners better results. While this is frustrating for users looking to get the best results without hiring a full time computer expert as an employee in their home, it is also frustrating for software designers. It’s not that they aren’t trying. It is quite difficult to package and present computer programs in a way that beginning, average AND expert users can utilize to their greatest advantage.

ZookaWare’s mission is to do just that. Every ZookaWare product is specifically designed to provide the best results to every user. In relation to ZookaWare’s SpyZooka that means that if you have a spyware that SpyZooka doesn’t remove, we guarantee that we’ll provide you with an update that offers a solution within 24 hours. SpyZooka will remove every form of malware. It doesn’t matter how simple or complicated the malicious software is, if it is causing harm to your computer, we are going to stop it in its tracks and remove it from your PC. That’s the entire purpose of SpyZooka, and we believe in following through on all good intentions. It’s just the right thing to do.

Registry Errors – Calling the Name of Registry Cleaners Everywhere

Registry errors…continuing to call the name of registry cleaners everywhere. Install directly after PC purchase in order to avoid registry error buildup that will slow down your PC’s function. Are you capable of manually diving into your PC’s registry to find errors like missing files, damaged files, and corrupted files? If you’re capable, are you willing to dedicate the time? Almost every user, whether they are capable of completing a registry cleaning manually or not, would never do so unless forced. Instead they would turn to a good registry cleaner.

Registry errors are not uncommon. They are a normal part of computer function. The only real problem is when users pretend they don’t exist or that they aren’t going to cause any problems. The computer is designed to function in a certain way and there will be problems when information is not available as necessary. Common registry errors include: runtime errors, missing dll files, empty keys, fragmented registry files, blue screen, exe errors, access violations, and much more.

These errors occur during normal computer use. They aren’t due to improper use of the computer. They aren’t a result of users who mistreat their PC. They aren’t a result of a low quality computer. They are simply accidents waiting to happen, unavoidable accidents that call for PC optimization solutions.

Instead of watching the train wreck happen and hoping that you and your PC will somehow survive the bumpy ride, access a good registry cleaner to rectify the problem currently afflicting your registry. Continue to scan and repair the registry on a regular basis to avoid future problems. Registry errors will continue to call the names of registry cleaners everywhere, but they won’t be doing it very long if the registry cleaner is already in place on the PC and set to address the problems as they occur. As soon as the registry error calls the name of registry cleaners, the registry cleaner will response by wiping it out. That’s what cleaners do.

Verify the availability of a good registry cleaner on your PC immediately. If there isn’t one already active, download RegZooka for an immediate solution. If RegZooka is already installed on your PC, check to see that it is set up to automatically scan the computer for new registry errors at regular intervals. This will decrease the time spent with a “sickly” computer and maximize PC functionality.

Being Prepared with a Good Adware Scanner – SpyZooka by ZookaWare

Individuals looking for an adware scanner fall into one of two categories: prepared and not prepared. Try to be in the first category – purchase SpyZooka by ZookaWare as soon as you get a new computer.


•    Detection, Removal and Protection Against Future Malware Intrusions

•    100% Money Back Guarantee

•    Compatible with all Versions of Windows

•    Daily Updates to Ensure Complete Protection Against the Newest Malware Threats

•    24/7 USA Based Phone Support

Which category do you fall in? It’s easy to determine. Are you looking for SpyZooka because there’s something desperately wrong with your PC and you need to get it fixed as soon as possible? Or are you looking for SpyZooka because you are planning on purchasing or have just purchased a new computer?

Those of you who are looking for the SpyZooka adware scanner because you already have a problem aren’t preparing. You are reacting to a problem that has already occurred. We still love you and we’ll still help you. In fact, SpyZooka by ZookaWare was designed to do just that: detect and remove all forms of malware. We simply recommend that next time you protect your computer against these threats rather than reacting to the problem after you’ve allowed it to harm your PC. It’s not really any different for us here at ZookaWare. Either way you are purchasing SpyZooka, but avoiding the problem entirely by installing the product immediately as a thorough form of malware protection is a lot less stressful for you.

If you are actually here because you want to protect your PC by installing SpyZooka before you have a malware problem then you fall into the second category. You are prepared…or you’re about to be. We congratulate you. Your life is about to become a lot less stressful and you might not even realize it yet.

Get an Adware Remover for Detection, Removal and Protection Against Malware

There aren’t many of us who will ignore a virus or sickness entirely. When we get a cold, the flu or a rotten stomach bug we do what we can to get rid of it. We attempt to coax our bodies through the sickness, and on to better health. We might buy medicine. We might utilize natural remedies. We may just sleep it off. It’s the same with viruses and malware on the PC. When users notice a problem, they need to identify what is causing the issue. It’s like a runny nose. That can indicate a cold or a seasonal allergy. With the PC it’s a lot simpler because SpyZooka by ZookaWare will identify the problem for you. Once the problem or malware is “detected” it will then remove it. It’s the doctor and the prescription all in one, and the results for your PC are immediate. Some consider their job done at this point, but these are the individuals who have frequent recurrences of sickness. Keep your PC from becoming a hypochondriac by following up detection and removal with protection. All you need to do is keep SpyZooka active on the PC and performing regular scans of the system to prohibit malware from gaining a foothold in the future, bringing “sickness” back to your PC. It’s not just an adware remover. It also protects against future problems caused by malware.


•    Detect, Remove and Protect Against All Forms of Malware

•    Compatible with all Versions of Windows

•    24/7 USA Based Phone Support

•    100% Money Back Guarantee

SpyZooka is better than any doctor. You don’t have to pay every time you need a well check or a refill on your prescription. You see SpyZooka once and not only do you have access to malware services for the full year, but you get access to the ZookaWare expert technicians through the 24/7 customer support center as well. Users can fall back on the 100% money back guarantee if they find they can’t remove malware from their PC with the SpyZooka adware remover.

ZookaWare products have been fully tested prior to release to the public, ensuring that they meet the needs of customers. Our goals are to make user-friendly products that provide advanced features and expert results. Beginning level users love ZookaWare products just as much as experts in the industry. It’s as simple as approaching a problem and offering a solid solution. That’s what we do here at ZookaWare. We don’t like to mess around or waste time. That’s why we design our system to depend on data collected by our proprietary spyware-destroying robot that hits over 100 million web pages daily looking for new spyware threats. We’re ready to stop even the newest malware assaults before they do any damage to your PC. Install SpyZooka today to get your PC under the ZookaWare bulletproof umbrella. It’s better than any medicine your doctor has ever prescribed.