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Secure And Optimize Your PC

100% Unwanted Program Removal

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  • 100% Unwanted Program Removal

    Ever feel like hackers are inside your computer? Endless ads yelling at you, slowness and error messages your antivirus can't solve? It's a common problem we've solved since 2004.

    ZookaWare removes your unwanted programs: spyware, adware, terrible toolbars, malware, keyloggers, trojan horses, worms, hijackers, rogue security programs, botnets, bad browser helper objects, junk browser plugins, PUP and your unwanted programs slowing down your PC, creating security problems, showing popups or other ads.

    ZookaWare does not and will not remove your wanted programs.

    Your unwanted programs will be removed by ZookaWare, or we'll add them all to ZookaWare's database within 24 hours, so your unwanted programs are 100% removed from your computer, guaranteed or your money back.

    It's easy to get your free unwanted program update by:

    • Simply open System Report in ZookaWare, enter your email address, describe your problem and click a button to send your report to us.
    • We'll investigate your report, add your unwanted programs to ZookaWare's database within 24 hours and email you back.
    • Simply open ZookaWare, click a button to download the update, click a second button to scan your computer and click a third button to remove your unwanted programs!

    Our own research plus reports from customers creates your cloud based unwanted program database.

  • Speeds Up Your Computer And Internet

    Programs run silently in the background slowing down your computer and internet. ZookaWare's Optimizer makes it easy to speed up your computer and internet by disabling programs in Windows, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

  • Permanent File Deletion

    Emptying your computer's Recycle Bin doesn't permanently delete files. To secure your data, ZookaWare's Shredder offers two easy options to permanently delete your files to US Department Of Defense standards.

  • Solves Advanced System Problems

    System Report – Scans your PC generating an almost instant in depth report with full removal function of the following items in your PC: spyware, browser toolbars, browser plugins, browser helper objects, browser extensions, startup programs, Windows explorer plugins, system services, protocols and Winsock LSP. System Report makes no distinction between wanted and unwanted programs, giving experts a serious tool for solving serious PC issues.

    Process Manager – Disable any program.

    Hosts Manager - Displays and fixes your Hosts file.

    Remove File on Reboot - Solves errors by removing files otherwise impossible to remove.

Designed For Windows. Compatible With Others

ZookaWare is designed for all versions of Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10

It's compatible with other software including your favorite antivirus

Trusted Since 2004

Since 2004 computer novices, experts and small businesses worldwide
trust ZookaWare to secure and optimize their PC.

24/7 Support

Your 100% American based ZookaWare support team is just a phone call,
live chat or email away, from anywhere worldwide, day or night. Whether
you're a computer novice or expert, we speak your language.

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One Year Subscription

Buy Now 60 Day Money Back Guarantee


Free Scan

Download Supports Vista, 7, 8 and 10