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How ZookaWare Started

The ZookaWare idea started in 2004 after an obnoxious spyware infection plagued our founder. Worse, back then and still today antivirus and antispyware fail to remove infections. And their "support" can be as maddening as the infection itself.

In 2004 we launched antispyware software (Spyware + Bazooka) with a 100% spyware removal guarantee. SpyZooka won over 100 5 star awards. More importantly customers worldwide love their spyware free computers.

In 2016 SpyZooka evolved into ZookaWare PC Cleaner. It removes your spyware and optimizes your PC simultaneously! Have a question? Our inhouse US based support team is open 24/7 through phone, live chat and email!

Our People

Meet our experienced team

Carl Haugen

Founder and Manager

At age 14 Carl launched his first business, breeding and training llamas. At 15, the State of Minnesota decided Carl was too smart to finish high school so they offered to pay in full for his college tuition. Carl reluctantly agreed. In the summer he started his second business growing and selling certified organic vegetables. College quickly bored Carl so he dropped out, earning him the proud distinction of being both a high school dropout and college dropout. Carl considers this one of his greatest achievements. A few years later, in 2004, Carl launched his third successful business, BluePenguin Software. Seeking a shorter name, ZookaWare emerged in 2011 with the same software and awesome 24/7 American based support!

Bogdan Necula

Chief Technology Officer

With his dad an engineer and his mom an accountant, numbers run in his blood. Bogdan, always fascinated with computers since a young age, received his first computer at the age of 12. By 13 he coded his first game in BASIC with Assembler routines. He received a bachelors degree from Valahia University and a Masters degree in Information Security from the Bucharest University of Economic Studies. In 2004 he became employee #2 of ZookaWare. Bogdan lives in Romania with his wife and son.

Daniel Lamson

Customer Support Manager

Daniel was born and raised in the suburbs of Anchorage, Alaska. Growing up he was the "computer guy" in his family by first pursuing programming at age 11 and building his first computer at 13. His passion for technology led him first to a career at Geek Squad and now as ZookaWare's Customer Support Manager. When Daniel isn't "geeking out", he can typically be found playing guitar, dancing, or enjoying a game of disc golf.

Daniel Freeman

Evening Support Manager

Daniel was born in London England and at 9 years old moved to the U.S. with his family. 3 years later his love of computers began when he bought his first computer with money earned from his paper route. Since 12 years old he's been building and fixing computers. In high school Daniel began programming as a hobby and since graduation he's worked in the tech industry at Digital Projection for REG, Geek Squad and now ZookaWare.