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How to Delete Your YouTube Account

Now that Google has decided to force YouTube users to integrate their accounts more and more with Google+, a social network that nobody I know actually uses, many people are deciding they’d simply rather not continue using YouTube either. To that end, here’s a short description of how to delete your YouTube account. How To […]

How to Easily Encrypt Your Email

There are lots of reasons someone may want to encrypt the emails they send. Maybe they don’t trust their internet service provider or email host with their private data. Maybe they want to be more sure their messages won’t fall into the wrong hands while being sent over the net. Or maybe they just don’t […]

How to Block Ads in Firefox

I love the internet. I think that’s pretty obvious. I spend all of my work day and a lot of my free time using, learning about, and playing with internet technologies. Internet ads, on the other hand, I don’t like nearly as much. So many websites these days load up their pages with big, obnoxious, […]

How to Install a Free Office Suite

For years Microsoft Office has been the defacto standard of Office Suite programs. Actually, I think it’s been decades at this point since another program has been considered a real revival for Microsoft Office. Almost all businesses use it and most government agencies rely on some version of it so if you want to send […]

How To Get Free HD Space Wallpaper Images

The easiest way to infect a computer is to trick the user into running the malicious programs themselves. But who would run a malicious program on purpose? Quite a few people, unfortunately. The most common tactic malicious software makers use to trick users is to label their programs as something “free”. People love free stuff […]

How to Completely Erase a Computer

Are you preparing to sell, give away or otherwise get rid of a computer? Here’s something you should know: Even if you think you’ve deleted all of your personal and private data from your computer, there’s still a good chance it can be recovered. This is because of how data is stored by Windows on […]

How To Remove Yourself From Google Search Results

Thanks to a new ruling by the European Commission on the “right to be forgotten”, Google has implemented a new feature that allows you to request the removal of pages that contain personal information about you from its search results. Google says it will comply with the ruling and remove requested search engine results when they […]

How to Easily Take a Screenshot

Windows has some built in methods of taking screenshots, but honestly they’re a lot more trouble than necessary to do something as simple as take a picture of what’s on your screen. So today I’m going to show you how to easily take a perfectly sized screenshot using a free program called Greenshot. Greenshot is […]

How To Shred Files using SpeedZooka

If you think that once you’ve deleted a file it’s gone forever, I’ve got news for you. Even after you’ve deleted a file and emptied the windows Recycle Bin, most times that file can still be recovered! Even after you’ve formatted your hard drive it’s still sometimes possible to recover data from it. This has […]