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How to Reset Internet Explorer

If you use Internet Explorer as your primary web browser, you’ve probably managed to pick up an unwanted toolbar or browser addon here and there during your travels around the web. While toolbars and browser addons aren’t as bad as viruses and other malware, they can still be an annoyance, invade your privacy, and be […]

How to Uninstall a Program

Uninstalling a program is normally considered “basic” computer knowledge, but if you’ve never done it before it can be a confusing process. Here’s a short guide, complete with pictures, to help get you uninstall any program you don’t want anymore. First, click the start button at the bottom left of your screen, if you have […]

Deceptive Ads On Ebay Push Toolbar Downloads

So you’re going about your business, happily browsing eBay in search of fine Victorian polished brass door knockers or assorted 1800th century cast-iron crockery when you notice near the bottom of the screen an icon alerting you to a new message. That could be important. Quick, better click it! Or maybe you shouldn’t. Just looking […]

How I (Almost) Fell for an IRS Scam Email

We read about it all the time: Malware that spreads by email through malicious attachments. It was one of the first ways malicious programs spread on the internet and new malware continues to use this method to spread for one simple reason – It works. As someone who has been around and taught others how […]

NSA Paid Security Company RSA $10M To Use Backdoored Algorithm

News broke on Friday that security company RSA Security LLC was reportedly paid $10,000,000 in a deal with the National Security Administration to use a compromised algorithm as the default for generating random numbers in some of its software. The algorithm, known as”Dual Elliptic Curve Deterministic Random Bit Generator” or “Dual_EC_DRBG”, has been championed by the […]

3 Money Saving Browser Addons

It’s that time of year again. Time to rack your brain trying to come up with gift ideas for everyone you need to buy presents for this holiday season. And then, once you’ve finally figured out what you think they’ll like, you’ve gotta figure out where you can buy the present and (if you’re smart […]

Free Firefox Addon Loads Complete YouTube Videos

In the early days of YouTube, before it was assumed that everyone in the world has a broadband internet connection, it was possible to simply pause a YouTube video and let it continue loading while paused. This was great for people with slow or unreliable internet connections. If the video wasn’t buffering fast enough to […]