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Free Tool Blocks CryptoLocker From Stealing All Your Files

What would you do if every important file on your computer was suddenly gone? And the only way to get those precious files back was to pay an anonymous internet criminal hundreds of dollars to return them? That’s the situation thousands of individuals and organizations worldwide have lived through in the past few months. Ransomware […]

How to Easily Recover Deleted Files

Accidents happen. Maybe you deleted the wrong file by mistake or a software program on your computer malfunctioned. Maybe a malware infection deleted your files. Maybe your kids/parents/pets/crazy-cat-lady-next-door have somehow managed to destroy your data despite your best precautions. Fear not! You may still be able to recover your deleted files. The first place to […]

Uninstall Hard to Remove and Broken Programs with this Free Tool

If you’re like most computer users, myself included, you’ve probably installed something on your computer unintentionally before. Maybe it was a browser toolbar. Maybe it was some other technically legitimate program that technically asked you if you wanted to install it, but worded the question in a really confusing way while still technically gaining your […]

Make Your Internet Secure Everywhere

We all know that you should never enter your credit card details online unless the webpage you’re on is secure. This knowledge has been drilled into our heads constantly by security people over the past decade or so. Even my Grandma knows it. Before she gives her credit card number to Amazon.com or Ebay or […]

Automatically Update All Your Software for Free

It’s a little known fact outside of security circles that most computer infections aren’t the result of super skilled hackers hunting down individual computer users, laughing maniacally as they break into computers to steal identities or destroy data. The vast majority of malware infections are the result of running outdated and insecure software. Attackers know […]

Easily Remove Browser Toolbars With This Free Tool

I think we’ve all been there at some point: We’re installing some new software program, maybe not paying as much attention as we should be, clicking “Next” or “I agree” as fast as we can just to get through the software installation process. The next time we open up our web browser, however, we’re greeted […]

FBI Moneypak Virus Removal

FBI MoneyPak virus, otherwise classified as “RansomWare”, is a virus that’s made it’s way around the internet for some time now.   The virus’s creators ask for money to get rid of the warning, and even if you do comply by wiring them the money the persistently pesky bug does not go away. After contracting the virus […]

How to Add a Start Menu to Windows 8

I’ll be honest: I HATE Windows 8! Well, hate is a strong word. I’m fond of the parts it shares in common with Windows 7. I like the updated task manager, and with Windows Defender being included by default I’m glad to see Microsoft is making strides to make Windows as secure as it can […]