The c4dll16.dll files is part of the c4dll16.dll Module, which belongs to an unknown program. Unknown programs are common since locating a specific creator for a file that does not have a fingerprint is hard. Most likely, several companies and several different programs use this file.

Since it is an unknown file, we recommend you running your anti-virus software to make sure a rogue virus has not taken hold. We also recommend you run the free spyware scan from SpyZooka.

Created by:
c4dll16.dll Module

Part of:

Typical Errors:

File Not Found
Missing File
Exception Errors

Error Type:

Error Summary:
The c4dll16.dll error occurred when Windows tried to open that file and could not. The file could have been corrupted, deleted, or overwritten by faulty code. However, it happened, you will not be able to run programs correctly until this one is fixed. It will keep popping up.

If you keep getting registry errors without fixing them, then your computer will slow down dramatically. It can even cause it to crash permanently. The recommendation is to resolve the error at once.

Since we do not know the exact program that is causing this error, it will be more difficult to fix. In theory, you could edit the registry to correct the problem but that takes precise computer knowledge and skill. The safest bet is to run a registry cleaner like ZookaWare PC Cleaner.

ZookaWare PC Cleaner is guaranteed to remove all registry errors or your money back. It is in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and has a 60-day warranty. Don’t settle for less. Clean your registry now with ZookaWare PC Cleaner.

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  1. Eleanor Barrett says:

    I’ve been using RegZooka for some time now, and it is quick, efficient and user-friendly. Great registry cleaner!

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