The c4dll_noerr.dll file is part of c1wss.dll Module that has an unknown author. While this may be a tad concerning for you, this is not abnormal.  Many files with the DLL extension will have unknown authors because so many programs use the same files.

Error Summary:
The c4dll_noerr.dll error has been reported to affect Internet Explorer but not Firefox. In many cases, the error will shut down Windows Media Centre. Some websites have been known to cause the shut down as well.

The error typically occurs after installing Internet Explorer

While the c4dll_noerr.dll file in not dangerous, it has been reported to tag along with wss.dll. The wss.dll file, however, is a malicious file and should be removed by an antivirus program you trust.

If you are having problems and see the c4dll_noerr.dll error, you will need to fix it immediately. You can do so in a couple of ways.

Your first option is to install the latest version of Internet Explorer. This should take care of the c4dll_noerr.dll error. However, it will not remove other registry errors that may have been caused by the wss.dll file. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to update your Internet Explorer to the most recent version.

Your next option is to run a registry cleaner like ZookaWare PC Cleaner. This will take care of the c4dll_noerr.dll error and every other registry error on your computer. This would include the removal of damage caused by wss.dll.

However, ZookaWare PC Cleaner will not remove any viruses from your computer. What it does is repair the leftover damage that viruses and spyware leave behind. ZookaWare PC Cleaner is backed with a 60-day money back guarantee and a 100% removal guarantee.

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