The e_faprbpa.dll error is part of EPSON Status Monitor 3 from SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION. Epson makes a wide range of printing products for the home. Most home users have the user friendly, scanner-copier-printer combo, although Epson also makes high-end computers for use in an office.

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EPSON Status Monitor 3

Typical Errors:
File Not Found
Missing File
Exception Errors

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Error Summary:
This error is a registry error that affects your printer. When you receive this error, your printer will not function properly. More specifically, this file directly relates with the status of the computer. For example, it tells you if it’s printing, standing by, low on ink and a number of other things.

To get your computer back in working order you will need to resolve this error immediately.

•    Shared Windows X LPR and Windows XP Standard TCP?IP does not support Job Management functions
•    EPSON Status Monitor 3 is not available with Remote Desktop.


If the above things do not apply to you, then you have a registry error. You can resolve the error in one of many ways.
1.    Use the Eposn Status Monitor 3 Disk
2.    Uninstall the program
3.    Put the CD in to reinstall
4.    You might be asked your language. If so choose a language.
5.    When the dialog box appears select LOCAL
6.    Click Custom
7.    Next select Epson Status Monitor 3 and install
8.    Click ok in 2 different places
9.    Choose your country and click OL
10.    Click Exit

If reinstalling does not work and you know the computer is compatible, then you will want to use a registry cleaner. A registry cleaner, like ZookaWare PC Cleaner, fixes 100% of registry related errors. So not only will it fix e_faprbpa.dll, but it will fix all the others as well.

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  1. Claire Rikiel says:

    I uninstalled an old program and e_faprbpa.dll error came up. I was afraid to fix the error manually and downloaded RegZooka. This program is easy to use and the customer support is great!

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