The file f5bdrjmm.dll is part of F5BDRJMM Dynamic Link Library from PFU. PFY is a Fujitsu Company. They produce embedded chips known as Plug-N-Run. They are cost-effective embedded chips meant for computing. In addition, they have a Kiosk where a mediastaff simplifies the integrated platform.

This is a Japanese based company.

Created by:

Part of:
F5BDRJMM Dynamic Link Library

Typical Errors:

File Not Found
Missing File
Exception Errors

Common Path(s):
%programfiles%\pfu\scansnap\cardminder v2.0

Error Type:

Error Summary:

Since the f5bdrjmm.dll file is an embedded chip in your computer, it will be difficult to fix manually. When you see the f5bdrjmm.dll error message, it means that Windows failed to use the file correctly. This could mean the file is damaged, corrupted, deleted, misplaced, or that the file was overwritten by an older or incompatible version.

In any case, your computer will not function properly until the file is fixed. Let alone, the registry error could cause other registry errors to form and eventually shut down your computer. The safest thing to do is resolve this and any other registry error as it occurs.


Since you are dealing with an embedded chip, it will be quite difficult to resolve the error manually. Basically, your only hope of manual removal is by completely restoring your computer from a backup disk. This will wipe out the memory of the computer and have it back to factory settings. This process generally takes a few hours. After which, you will need to reinstall any programs you put on the computer.

The safest and fastest way to resolve this problem is with a registry cleaner. Click below for our free registry scan. ZookaWare PC Cleaner will track down every error currently on your computer. Once it finds them all, it will display to you how many of each type of error is on your computer. Don’t be shocked if you see a few hundred.

At that point, you can purchase ZookaWare PC Cleaner and it will have your computer fixed in a manner of minutes. Keep running ZookaWare PC Cleaner, and you will not have to worry about error problems again. With the 60-day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose but hundreds of registry errors.

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  1. Drew Baltimore says:

    I used a free registry cleaner. My computer runs fine. It just messed up when I tried to play online games and I had lots of registry errors… I decided to buy RegZooka and no I can play my games without a problem.

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