The file g6_log_system.dll is a component of a plug-in for the Gene6 FTP Server (aka G6FTP Server) made by Gene6 SARL.  File transfer protocol (FTP) is a way used to move files from one computer to another online.  The FTP server is what controls access to the files being moved.  Some server software allows users to add functions with plug-ins.  This file is part of a logging plug-in for the Gene6 FTP Server.  Seeing an error with this file may mean problems running the server.  When you see dll file errors, you should clean your registry to fix the issue.

Cleaning the registry is not something you can do manually.  There are thousands of entries in the registry, and determining if they are correct requires special knowledge.  ZookaWare PC Cleaner is made to deal with this task.  ZookaWare PC Cleaner cleans up your registry by hunting down and fixing errors that break your programs.  Our guarantee means that your system will be up and running again quickly.  Try a free ZookaWare PC Cleaner scan now to see a list of the problems in your registry.

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