The file ia_trap.dll is part of an error trap for Internet Adventurer for OS/2 Warp.  An error trap stops an error before it can crash your program completely and gives the user a warning and a chance to fix the problem.  Internet Adventurer is a full-featured Internet Suite that includes tools to access the World Wide Web, FTP, Gopher, IRC, Usenet News, eMail, and Telnet in a single application using a uniform interface.  OS/2 Warp is an operating system that was branched off Windows early versions and uses a lot of Windows components to run.  A problem with this file may indicate that you have a mistake in a registry entry that needs to be repaired.  To solve the problem you may need to clean your registry.

Your Windows computer has a database at its heart called the registry.¬† The registry keeps track of everything installed on your computer so Windows can find what it needs to run your software.¬† Mistakes in registry entries mean Windows can’t find files, and your programs won’t run.

SpeedZooka can get you back to normal computing.  SpeedZooka is designed to find and fix every error in your registry.  Our unique guarantee means that your registry will be cleaned up quickly and completely.  Try a free SpeedZooka scan now to see what it can do for your registry.

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