The file iaamon_fra.dll is a language module designed for the IAAnotif tool belonging to the RAID Event Monitor from the Intel Corporation.¬† The IAAnotif tool is a component installed with Intel’s Application Accelerator.¬† IAA improves the performance of computers with certain Intel chipsets.¬† This file belongs to the Event Monitor User Notification Tool, which monitors the RAID array and alerts the user if there is a problem with it.¬† A problem with this file probably means you have an error in the registry that needs to be fixed.¬† Clean your registry to get back up and running.

The registry database holds vital information that Windows needs to run your software, including program settings and file locations.¬† If the information in the registry is wrong, Windows will have trouble running your software and your programs will break.¬† Clean up registry problems quickly and completely with SpeedZooka.¬† SpeedZooka will hunt down registry issues and get your system fixed, guaranteed.¬† If our first pass doesn’t fix it, we’ll send you an update within 24 hours that tackles your problems specifically.¬† Try SpeedZooka now by running a free scan, and be on your way to a trouble free system.

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