The jar50.dll file is part of Mozilla Firefox from the Mozilla Organization. Mozilla Firefox is a Web browser. It allows tab browsing, Internet bookmarking, and it backs up information to avoid information loss in case of unexpected shut down. Mozilla Firefox also offers pop-up blocking, Java script, ActiveX disabling and helps to avoid other security threats.

Created by:
Mozilla Organization

Part of:
Mozilla Firefox

Typical Errors:

File Not Found
Missing File
Exception Errors

Error Type:

Error Summary:
The jar50.dll error means that Mozilla Firefox will either not work properly or not work at all. Some features may not work as they should, allowing some security threats to enter while browsing the Web.

While the jar50.dll file is not a virus, it is recommended to run an anti-virus to make sure nothing slipped through while Mozilla Firefox was not running properly. In addition, you should run an anti-spyware scan to check for spyware that could have snuck in. SpyZooka offers a free scan to check for any spyware that may have entered.

It is recommended to resolve the jar50.dll error at once to ensure proper functioning of all of Mozilla Firefox security measures.

Using the Add/Remove function of Windows will safely remove Mozilla Firefox from your computer. Then you can download a new version from the official Mozilla Firefox website. This should correct the jar50.dll error.

To resolve all registry errors including the jar50.dll error and any registry damage caused from spyware and viruses, use a registry cleaner. ZookaWare PC Cleaner can clean up your registry and have it running like new in a matter of minutes. Try a free scan now to see how many errors are on your computer.

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