The kantosvst.dll file is part of Antares Kantos. Antares Kantos is a plug-in that uses audio input to derive its pitch. Kantos is compatible for Mac and PC alike. Customers can try out the program for 20 days before deciding to purchase the product. People wishing to use Kantos will need a fast processor to get the plug-ins to work. Basically, it is a supped up synthesizer.

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Antares Kantos

Typical Errors:

File Not Found
Missing File
Exception Errors

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Error Summary:

The kantosvst.dll error is a registry error. Generally, this means something went wrong during installation. Every program needs to put one or more files into the registry in order for it to work. The registry uses the files to quickly load up and run programs. Without it, your computer would run super slow.

While more registry errors occur during installation or removal of a program, they can occur at any time. In fact, your computer probably has multiple errors in it right now. Unless you get a pop-up error message, you won’t know you have an error until your computer slows down to a crawl. Even then, most people will not think about errors but blame the computer for being “old.”


If you want the Kantos synthesizer to function properly, then you will need to resolve the error. You can uninstall and reinstall the synthesizer to rid your computer of the error. However, this will not rid your computer of any other registry errors on your computer.

To rid your computer of all registry errors, you need a registry cleaner. ZookaWare PC Cleaner can clean up your registry in a matter of minutes. You can even see how many errors you have before it fixes them. Click the button below for a free scan to check out the errors on your computer.

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