The file l14wj.dll is a piece of the Lotus Graphics layer tool or the Lotus Walden Chart Tool.  This file was created by the Lotus Development Corporation to work with its productivity software for businesses.  Lotus Software, now a division of IBM, continues to update and support many of their business applications.  If you are running Lotus software on your system, you may need this file for the software to function correctly.

Computer programs are made up of sections of code that are run when needed.  Most of the code is used regularly and kept within a main exe file.  But some code is not needed all the time and is divided out into dll, dynamic link library, files.  These files have the added advantage that other programs can use the code in them if needed.  The problem with this design is that your computer may have trouble keeping track of all the files.

Windows solves this with a registry of the files that stores the file locations along with information on the programs that use them. To keep your computer running smoothly, keep your registry clean by regularly running ZookaWare PC Cleaner, the guaranteed registry cleaner.

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