Crystal Decisions was previously called Business Intelligence before the company was bought out. The company made hard disks and entered the software market when it acquired Holistic Systems. The two companies combined and became Crystal Enterprise. In 2003, Business Objects acquired Crystal Decisions. Then in 2008, SAP purchased Business Objects.

Error Summary:

Computers experience errors like the objectfactory.dll error for a variety of reasons. Many times, it is nothing more than general computer usage. It can occur when programs are installed or uninstalled improperly, or with bad programming code, a glitch in the timing, not enough memory, misplaced file or any number of other reasons.

Sometimes the reason is a little more malicious. Occasionally, a hacker will use a file name like objectfactory.dll to get past security systems to infect computers. They know that most people do not know what the objectfactory.dll file does. They also know that computers will see the file and try to run it.

Whatever the reason, the error is on your computer and you need to resolve the error. Luckily, registry errors are simple enough to fix and will only take a few minutes to resolve.

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