The qbmsintg.dll file is part of QuickBooks for Windows by Intuit, Inc. QuickBooks allows you to easily track your financial information, do payroll, pay bills, transfer funds and more. What many businesses like about QuickBooks is that it allows multiple users to use the program.

Error Summary:
The qbmsintg.dll error is a run of the mill registry error. Registry errors occur all the time on computers and should not cause you any alarm. The errors are not caused by you or even the program. These errors are little hiccups in the installation and should be expected, unless you take steps to prevent registry errors.

However, the qbmsintg.dll error will cause QuickBooks not to work properly. You will need to fix the error before continuing.

The most direct way to resolve the qbmsintg.dll error is to uninstall and reinstall QuickBooks. However, you need to take care to backup all your information before uninstalling the program.

If you pay for the online backup service, then that would be the best way to back it up. If you do not pay for the online service, follow these steps to back up QuickBooks:
•    Back Up Instructions
o    Insert a blank disk. (Removable disk, floppy disk, Zip disk, memory card, writeable CD, USB disk)
o    Choose the active company (If you have more than one company.)
o    Click “File”, “Maintenance”, “Back Up” (This will start the process)
o    Choose the disk drive you wish to back it up to by clicking “Browse”
o    Click “Save” in the drop down list and click the drive where you have the disk.
o    Click “Save”
o    Click “OK”

•    Restore Instructions From Disk
o    Insert disk with the backup files
o    Click “File”, “Open” or “Restore Company” (This opens the backup wizard)
o    Locate the backup drive and click “Next” (This opens the “Open” window)
?    You may need to click “Look in” from a drop-down arrow and locate the file from there.
?    The file will be a “.QBB” file extension
?    Select the backup file and click “Open”
?    The “Restore Backup: To Location” window will have a “Next” click that. (This opens the “Restore To” window)
?    Choose the backup file and click “Open”
•    You may need to select “Save in” from a drop down arrow and locate the place you want to save the file. (It is generally saved in “My Documents” but you can save it anywhere you like.)
?    Choose the backup file and click “Open”
?    Click “Save” (This coverts your backup to a regular file with the “.QBW” extension)

•    Restore Instructions Online
o    From QuickBooks, click “File”, “Open or Restore Company” (This opens the backup wizard)
o    Click “Restore a backup copy and then click “Next”
o    Click “online Backup” and then click “Next” (This opens the QuickBooks Online Backup)
o    Follow the Online Backup application instructions
?    If restoring “.QWB” file, reopen the company file from QuickBooks
?    If restoring “.QBB” file, follow the instructions from “Restore Instructions From Disk”

Faster and Easier Way to Resolve the Error
If you want a super simple and fast way to resolve the error, use a registry cleaner. The qbmsintg.dll error is a registry error and can quickly be resolved by cleaning the registry.

ZookaWare PC Cleaner makes cleaning easy. Click the button below to start your free scan. ZookaWare PC Cleaner will track down every registry error on your computer. Then it will give you the results. At that point, you can choose to purchase a license good for one year and fix the error. The whole process can be done in a matter of minutes.

Plus, your computer will be free of more than just the qbmsintg.dll error. All registry errors will be gone. Run ZookaWare PC Cleaner on a regular basis to keep your registry running smooth and error free.

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