If you find a file named r3hook.dll on your computer, it might come from one of two sources.  It’s most likely a Kaspersky Anti-Virus Ring 3 Hooker from Kaspersky Lab.  A hook is a techie term for a piece of software that grabs a process outside its usual path to check it or add to it.

If you don’t have Kaspersky Anti-Virus installed on your system, this may be from Realsoft3D, a modeling and raytracing program created by Realsoft Oy.  This is also a hook type of file, but it’s used in the program to make special purpose image formats.

In either case, an error with this file may disable a piece of software on your computer, and you will want to fix it.  You can reinstall the affected program, or just start by trying to clean your registry.

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