The s3_32v.dll file is part of S3 DirectDraw Driver by S3 Incorporated. S3 DirectDraw is a graphics and video adapter. The s3_32v.dll file specifically has to do with the DIB engine driver. A DIB (device independent bitmaps) engine serves as a flat-frame-buffer.

Created by:
S3 Incorporated

Part of:
S3 DirectDraw Driver

Typical Errors:
File Not Found
Missing File
Exception Errors

Error Type:


Error Summary:

The s3_32v.dll error is a registry error. This means that Windows tried to access the s3_32v.dll file and could not. The file could be missing, corrupt, damage or just plain deleted. Since Windows cannot access the file, it displays the error message.

In this case, the error message will cause a disruption in your graphics. It could cause a slower frame rate, choppy graphics, sudden shut down of a program, or your graphics to not show at all. You will need to resolve the error if you want your graphics to work correctly.

You have a few options when dealing with the s3_32v.dll error. First, you can try to update the S3 DirectDraw driver. In many cases, an update resolves the registry error. If you have recently updated your driver, you may wish to roll back your driver to see if that helps.

Your next option is to uninstall the driver and then reinstall it. For best results, only install the driver from the original source. Installing files, drivers and programs anywhere but from manufacturer could inadvertently install spyware, adware or malicious code.

If these options do not work or you cannot locate the driver, then you will want to use a registry cleaner. A registry cleaner, like ZookaWare PC Cleaner, will resolve the s3_32v.dll error and every other registry related error on your computer. However, ZookaWare PC Cleaner has a unique guarantee. We will remove every error; send you a solution within 24 hours, or your money. Try a free scan now to see how many errors are on your computer.

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