The X4sevrs.dll file is associated with an unknown program from DVD Logic. They create software for DVD reauthoring. This gives you the ability to copy your DVDs after it was compiled. Some of their products include:

•    DVD Demuxer
•    DVD Demuxer for Mac
•    DVD Reauthor Lite
•    DVD Reauthor Standard
•    DVD Reauthor Pro

Error Summary:
Typically, you will receive a message “X4sevrs.dll was not found”. This message is a registry error message. It occurs when the program cannot locate the X4sevrs.dll file. Generally, this means something happened when the program was installed but it could happen at any time. If you have the installation disk, you can correct the message by uninstalling and reinstalling the software program.

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Typical Errors:
File Not Found, Missing File, Exception Errors

Error Type:
Registry Error

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