The x5vccd32.dll file is part of General Utilities from WavePhore Inc. WavePhore is the creator of NewsPak, which enables streaming real-time news video. It uses XML technology to stream the feed.

WavePhore, Inc. leads the industry in media content integrations and digital delivery systems. It provides news, business data, and Internet content.

Error Summary:
The x5vccd32.dll error falls into the registry error category. This means the error lies deep in the heart of your computer. Every program and every application has one or more registry files on your computer. These files allow your computer to easily and quickly pull up a program at a moment’s notice. Without these files, your computer would run slow and would not be able to run more than one application.

This error means your WavePhore products will not function as designed. You will be required to resolve the error to maintain full functionality of your programs.

While it is possible to fix the x5vccd32.dll error manually, it is not recommended. Since the error resides in the registry, you would have to edit that registry in order to fix the problem. This may sound simple but one wrong move and your computer is nothing more than an expensive paperweight.

However, the x5vccd32.dll error can be resolved in a matter of minutes with a registry cleaner. ZookaWare PC Cleaner can scan, detect and fix 100% of registry errors in just a few minutes without the risk of destroying your computer. Click the button below to start your free scan and see what is lurking under the surface.

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