aiicon.dll Info

DLL Name:


aiicon.dll Description:

aiicon.dll is a dynamic link library that is part of Adobe Illustrator

aiicon.dll Is Created By:

Adobe Systems Incorporated

Suggested Fix If You’re Receiving aiicon.dll Error Messages:

Re-install Adobe Illustrator

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Referenced By:


Known File Path:

C:\Program Files\common files\adobe\shell

Known Operating Systems aiicon.dll is Found On:

Windows Vista Home Premium
Windows 7 Home Premium
Windows 8

Known Versions and Their Cryptographic Hashing Algorithms:


MD5: 71cf1f9a90cba0a8646a38a840ff0687
Size: 245760
SHA1: 18578c8b14e4fd98ea4be3c3b74ca85313ee69ac
SHA2: 64b128cc518a4ae47d1e940e07974f2cd633c8d839f961a42f4ba93a08f8e055

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