Error Fix for apwutil.dll


The apwutil.dll file is a file that was only used by Norton Anti-Virus 2000 and by Norton Internet Security versions 5 and later. The apwutil.dll module is also known as the Norton Anti-Virus Agent Utility Library and is a very important component of the NAV software.

Being the utility library of the Norton Anti-Virus program the module apwutil.dll contains the instructions and commands needed for the efficient running of the software. The apwutil.dll module is also called upon by the other applications within the software. The file is used by windows to allow the operations of the Norton software product suite.

Norton Anti-Virus (NAV) is a product of Symantec Corporation and it is one of the most widely used antivirus programs. The apwutil.dll file is bundled with the installer of this program. Its function is to detect and remove viruses, spyware, ad ware, and other potential security risks. Norton Anti-Virus is sold as a standalone product and is also included as part of Norton Internet Security and Norton System Works.

Like most standard antivirus software Norton Anti-Virus provides real-time protection from viruses, spyware, worms, keyloggers, rootkits and many other forms of malware. The program also includes a real-time scanner which intercepts any malicious activity as soon as it occurs. The 2008 edition of the NAV software boasts of a new technology that makes running the program about 60% faster and more efficient compared to the last edition.

The apwutil.dll file was first seen on Norton Anti-Virus 2000 and subsequently on the 2005 and later versions of the Norton Internet Security package. However Norton Anti-Virus 2002 and above versions do not use the apwutil.dll module and a common error message that users come across when they try to install the 2002 and above versions is “A required DLL file, apwutil.dll is missing”.

If you get this error make sure you uninstall your previous version of the software completely before proceeding to re-install the program in order to get rid of the corrupted program.

Recommended fix if you are experiencing apwutil.dll error messages:

DLL (Dynamic Link Library) files contain computer code and resources that can be used by multiple programs at the same time. This uses less system memory and helps your computer system run more efficiently. DLL files give program developers the ability to reuse code to add features to several programs without the need to write new code for each program.

There are many programs that require DLL files to function properly so when one of them is damaged or missing it will cause program crashes and poor system performance.

To fix these problems the user must replace the damaged file with a valid working version. If a working version cannot be found the user may perform a reinstallation of their operating system.

Apwutil.dll is created by:

Symantec Corporation

Symantec Technical Support

Known file path:

C:\Program Files\ Norton Internet Security\ Norton Antivirus\apwutil.dll


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