Solution for D3ddrv.dll Error Problems

The d3ddrv.dll module is a file patch for Direct 3D cards used for 3D Games like Deus Ex. Deus Ex an action RPG with a cyber punk theme and was created by Ion Storm Inc. but it is published by Eidos Interactive. It is a first-person shooter game that combines game elements with a role playing game.

In the Deus Ex Game, the d3ddrv.dll file is a multi player patch that contains Multiplayer support; this includes Team Death Match, Death Match, five multiplayer maps, and a search engine for multi-player servers and bug fixes for single players and multiplayers. You can install the d3ddrv.dll file over previous retail version of the game except for the version 1.003f_OEM and 1.003f_OEM5.

The DLL d3ddrv.dll does not need to be installed on both the server and workstation. The DLL has a single layer patch and has to be only installed in the multiplayer server while still being able to provide support for all the workstations in a single network.

Thed3ddrv.dll file is a beta patch that allows enhancement on most Direct 3D Cards like ATI Rage 128, NVIDIA Riva TNT, NVIDIA GeForce, Matrox, G200 and G400, S3 Savage 3D and 3dfx Voodoo. The d3ddrv.dll enables repair of problems regarding texture thrashing on Matrox and NVIDIA Cards. It will also fix z-buffering errors on direct 3D Matrox Cards.

The d3ddrv.dll module is included in the Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition and patched versions of Deus Ex, the DLL does not need to be installed if you are using the patched game.

The d3ddrv.dll module is available for download on the Eidos website and on other online resources. For installation of the patch, copy the d3ddrv.dll module to the ‘System’ folder in the Deus Ex folder, its directory should be C:/ DeusEx/ System.

D3ddrv.dll is created by:
Eidos Interactive

Known file path:
C:\ DeusEx\ System\ d3ddrv.dll

What is a DLL?

Your operating system comes pre-installed with Microsoft DLL’s and most third party programs also install DLL’s.

DLL (Dynamic Link Library) is Microsoft’s implementation of the shared library concept. Meaning there’s a DLL library on your computer and each DLL can be shared among different Microsoft and third party programs. This shared library method helps your computer run faster by having fewer operations running at the same time.

When a DLL is missing or corrupt it may show an error message and programs may fail or crash.

Because DLL’s are shared, one missing or corrupt DLL may affect multiple programs on your computer.

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