Dpwsockx.dll Error Solution

DirectPlay of Microsoft DirectX makes use of the service provider (Internet TCP/IP Connection) to communicate over the Internet or local area network. It is the module dpwsockx.dll that allows DirectPlay to implement this function.

The dpwsockx.dll application works on a layer above the normal network protocols such as TCP/IP, IPX and other. When a connection is made sending messages is possible without the host needing to know what the user is connecting with. Still the dpwsockx.dll file runs best when using TCP/IP protocol because it allows a single computer to host multiple DirectPlay sessions.

When user calls on the dpwsockx.dll file connection over the Internet or LAN is established using the TCP/IP protocol. Because this DLL is part the DirectPlay service provider it uses the Microsoft Windows Sockets to communicate over the Internet.

In cases when messaging is either non-guaranteed or guaranteed DirectPlay packets are utilized by the DLL dpwsockx.dll based on User Datagram Protocol (UDP). Using this protocol multiple DirectPlay sessions can then be hosted by a single computer.

With the file dpwsokcx.dll functionalities hosting a multiplayer game is possible over the Internet. When a user wants to initialize multiple hosting he can choose between different connections that he wants to use for the game as follows. IPX Connections for DirectPlay, Internet TCP/IP Connection for DirectPlay, Modem connection or serial connection.

He then fills in the call sign box and selects Host Mission on the start up menu of the chosen game. Parameters of the game mission are then configured and when all parameters are set the host user can launch the game with all the players (clients) launching simultaneously.

There are instances in Microsoft DirectPlay sessions in which only the server stores the session’s complete state. The dpwsockx.dll file can set the session as private or for limited use. In this case each client has only a subset of the session’s state. The clients receive only the information that is relevant to that computer from the server.

If one computer has made a change it propagates the change to the server. It is the server that will determine which clients it must inform of the changes made.

Dpwsockx.dll is created by:
Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft Support Site

Known file path:
C:\ Windows\ system32\ dpwsockx.dll

What is a DLL?

Your operating system comes pre-installed with Microsoft DLL’s and most third party programs also install DLL’s.

DLL (Dynamic Link Library) is Microsoft’s implementation of the shared library concept. Meaning there’s a DLL library on your computer and each DLL can be shared among different Microsoft and third party programs. This shared library method helps your computer run faster by having fewer operations running at the same time.

When a DLL is missing or corrupt it may show an error message and programs may fail or crash.

Because DLL’s are shared, one missing or corrupt DLL may affect multiple programs on your computer.


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