Error Fix for jgaw400.dll

What is a DLL?

DLL (Dynamic Link Library) files contain computer code and resources that can be used by multiple programs at the same time. This uses less system memory and helps your computer system run more efficiently. DLL files give program developers the ability to reuse code to add features to several programs without the need to write new code for each program.

There are many programs that require DLL files to function properly so when one of them is damaged or missing it will cause program crashes and poor system performance.

What is jgaw400.dll?

The file jgaw400.dll is designated to the audio management facility of an operating system. Described as Johnson-Grace Audio Interface this file has been created to function exclusive to applications created by the module’s manufacturer. Generally the jgaw400.dll module refers to the accessibility of the user to the audio features of the media application. Under the common location of the said library the latest version of the file jgaw400.dll can be found bearing its date of creation specified as August 23, 2001.

JGAW is a systems security application which has been widely used during the era of the full 16-bit Windows NT operating system. The jgaw400.dll module has been tasked to ensure the efficiency of the audio translation of system entities to the audio and comprehension aspects of the client. The version integrity of jgaw400.dll module is of the highest value since it bears the digital certificate of file hash type MD5.

The jgaw400.dll module is more of the macro definition of the audio since it is more concerned with the appropriate sound and functions assignment. This library is a safe file and is not related to any Trojan component, spyware, and other malicious system elements. Modern versions have corresponding replacements for the jgaw400.dll file however if one follows the basic principle of the module only a more complicated and digital orientation can accommodate the current media audio files. The jgaw400.dll module was more designed to cater to analog sounds’ electronic signal representations.

The jgaw400.dll file’s existence in the system aims to provide better sound direction to the user. The mentioned library functions solely to assure of the applications interaction with the clients using the program. The jgaw400.dll module is not involved in any technical functions of the application.

Suggested fix if you are experiencing jgaw400.dll error messages:

DLL files are important parts of your operating system and many programs require them to function. When these files become damaged or are missing it causes poor system performance and system crashes. To fix these problems the user must replace the damaged file with a valid working version. If a working version cannot be found the user may perform a reinstallation of their operating system.

Jgaw400.dll is created by:

Johnson-Grace Company

Known file path:


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