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Text normalization is the process of transforming or reformatting the text. It unwraps the visual presentation style, thus encoding the useful parts of the style in a defined and explicit way. Unicode normalization is one form of text normalization that transforms equivalent sequence or characters into a consistent underlying representation so that they may be easily compared. It is useful when comparing text strings for sorting and searching.

The DLL normaliz.dll is the module underlying the concept of Unicode normalization. This module composes combining characters and decomposes compatibility characters based on equivalence. Unicode contains numerous characters to maintain compatibility with existing standards some of which are functionally equivalent to other characters or sequence of characters.

Character composition combines simple characters into fewer pre-composed characters for example the n character is combined with the character ~ into the single ñ character. On the other hand character decomposition breaks pre-composed characters back into their original component pieces.

The normaliz.dll file maintains two standards of equivalence: canonical and compatibility. Canonical equivalence visually and functionally preserves equivalent characters. For instance, pre-composed diacritic letters are canonically equivalent to their decomposed letter and combining diacritic marks such as ‘ü’ is canonically equivalent to the sequence ‘u’ and ‘¨’ .

On the other hand compatibility equivalence is more visually concerned with plain text equivalence and therefore potentially and semantically distinct in forms. Examples of these are superscript and subscript forms that typically convey distinct meaning through their visually distinct presentation.

There are three common usage models for the normaliz.dll application. It can be used to process an entire input string at once or it can create an object and use it to iterate through the normalized form of a string by calling first (), and next (), and it can perform a random-access iteration by using setIndex () and getIndex ().

The module normaliz.dll uses three transformation methods namely normalize(), compose(), and decompose(). Normalizes a string uses the given normalization operation. Composes a string forms the separate Unicode characters into their corresponding user characters while Decomposes a string uses its separate Unicode characters.

What is a DLL?

DLL (Dynamic Link Library) files contain computer code and resources that can be used by multiple programs at the same time. This uses less system memory and helps your computer system run more efficiently. DLL files give program developers the ability to reuse code to add features to several programs without the need to write new code for each program.

There are many programs that require DLL files to function properly so when one of them is damaged or missing it will cause program crashes and poor system performance.

Suggested fix if you are experiencing normalize.dll error messages:

DLL files are important parts of your operating system and many programs require them to function. When these files become damaged or are missing it causes poor system performance and system crashes. To fix these problems the user must replace the damaged file with a valid working version. If a working version cannot be found the user may perform a reinstallation of their operating system.

Normaliz.dll is created by:

Microsoft Corporation

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