fix for ole32.dll errors

What is a DLL?

 A DLL file (Dynamic Link Library) is a file containing computer code and resources that can be used by several programs at the same time. Programmers can use DLL files to add features and functions to their programs without having to write all new code for each program.

There are many programs that rely on DLL files to function properly so when one is corrupted or missing it causes system errors and program crashes.

What is ole32.dll?

 Ole32.dll is a Dynamic Link Library which contains core OLE functions and is required for the Windows operating system to function. OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) is a framework by Microsoft for compound documents. An example of a compound document would be a desktop display containing visuals and text information like calendars, animations, motion video, or constantly updated news.

Object Linking lets users share a single source of data so when that source is updated all documents using the source data are updated as well. OLE also lets objects created by one application to be added to documents and other objects created by different applications.

The main use of ole32.dll is managing compound documents however it is also used in transferring data between applications through drag and drop or clipboard functions. Ole32.dll allows an editor to take information from a document to make changes then import the changed information into another document.

 Suggested fix if you are receiving ole32.dll errors:

 Because ole32.dll is a part of the core operating system the only fix we can recommend is to reinstall the operating system.

Ole32.dll is created by:

Microsoft Corporation

Known file path:


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