plc4.dll Information

DLL Name:


plc4.dll Description:

plc4.dll is a dynamic link library that is part of Netscape Portable Runtime, usually associated with Firefox

plc4.dll Is Created By:

Mozilla Foundation

Suggested Fix If You’re Receiving plc4.dll Error Messages:

Re-install Netscape Portable Runtime by re-installing Mozilla Firefox

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Referenced By:


Known File Path:

C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox

Known Operating Systems plc4.dll is Found On:

Windows Vista Home Premium, 64 bit
Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 bit
Windows 8

Known Versions and Their Cryptographic Hashing Algorithms:

MD5: ac1782cdbaf09f3ae2845bcae25863c0
Size: 21912
SHA1: 5c2ae9d66a97eb105fa25a5dd7ad1c62621716af
SHA2: 133dca6e63c9e2c3fc7031d73292ee1ec39034808041209edf2392569ed20685

MD5: 1992820d49d2c6af5a7cd0d07d40a851
Size: 21912
SHA1: 5fa4fdd7a8b5e0597700535457be38b1e724ffe6
SHA2: d9273e755750064ae844cdab02a793c0f6810ccca06632b7652145ad590ef9bb

MD5: bd79e872c8cd7098e8d4c7613d01437c
Size: 21912
SHA1: 18591cdc03689d779c37a75569a259ca05bbe2e8
SHA2: da1b47dc78bd4e37e94c300a4b0586c5a68c4bc6a3e65135b45553b35e08bf69

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