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The module spoolss.dll is the Microsoft Spooler Subsystem that contains functions for printer spooling. Printer spooling is an application that manages sending jobs to the printer.

Here the documents are loaded into a storage area or on a disk where the printer can pull them off at its own rate. This process permits the user to freely carry out other operations on the computer while the printing takes place in the background.

Through printer spooling it is also possible for users to place a number of print jobs in a queue. With this there is no longer need for the user to wait for a printing job to finish before specifying the next job.

The spoolss.dll file is basically connected to the executable file spoolsv.exe. This EXE file manages the printing process. In general the spoolsv.exe file serves as the spooler’s Application Programming Interface (API) server where it is implemented as a service when the operating system is started.

The spools.dll file acts a router where it determines which print provider to call. The print provider is responsible for directing print jobs to local and remote print devices.

Furthermore it performs print queue management operations such as starting, stopping, and enumerating print queues. These print provider API functions are called by the spools.dll application.

The localspl.dll, win32spl.dll, nwprovau.dll, and inetpp.dll modules can also be associated with the spools.dll module. The DLL localspl.dll serves as the local print provider which handles all prints jobs directed to the printer.

The win32spl.dll file on the other hand is the Windows network printer provider. With this all print jobs are directed to remote servers. The Novell Netware has a print provider known as the DLL nwprovau.dll while that of HTTP is called the DLL inetpp.dll.

In general the spoolss.dll file passes the printing function call to either of the above mentioned DLL files for the directing of printing jobs and queue management.

What is a DLL?

DLL (Dynamic Link Library) files contain computer code and resources that can be used by multiple programs at the same time. This uses less system memory and helps your computer system run more efficiently. DLL files give program developers the ability to reuse code to add features to several programs without the need to write new code for each program.

There are many programs that require DLL files to function properly so when one of them is damaged or missing it will cause program crashes and poor system performance.

Recommended fix if you are experiencing spoolss.dll error messages:

DLL files are important parts of your operating system and many programs require them to function. When these files become damaged or are missing it causes poor system performance and system crashes. To fix these problems the user must replace the damaged file with a valid working version. If a working version cannot be found the user may perform a reinstallation of their operating system.

Spoolss.dll is created by:

Microsoft Corporation

Known file path:



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