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764 Dialer was first discovered in April 12 of 2005.  The identity of its creator is unknown, but it is probably transmitted from websites with adult content.  Dialers intend nothing but exploitation of the infected computer, which could lead to serious financial risks for the user.

764 Dialer, like pretty much any other Dialer, is installed on your computer invisibly by an ActiveX drive-by download.  Other methods of transmission include email attachments, and Worm-style instant messaging transmissions.  It also can be manually installed by the user.  In fact, 764 Dialer and many other Dialers claim to connect the user to “exclusive porn content.”

764 Dialer’s main mode of exploitation is that it hijacks your dial-up modem.  It then uses it to call long distance numbers, or “900” phone numbers, and sometimes 911 services instead of the user’s typical Internet service provider, all done without the awareness or approval of the user.  This can result in enormous phone bills and other more civil problems that the user may be unaware of.  The vendor and the owner of the 900 number usually “split the take.”

764 Dialer can also serve as a component for other malware programs.  Trojans, like Backdoors and Downloaders are common this way, as are Worms.  This function has turned into a more regular use for Dialers since dial-up modems aren’t used as much as they used to.  In this function, it makes the connection to the server’s website, usually by using IRC technology.

If you find out that you are infected with 764 Dialer, you should remove it immediately with an antispyware program such as the award winning ZookaWare PC Cleaner.  ZookaWare PC Cleaner guarantees 100% complete removal of 764 Dialer.

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  1. Leona Nelson says:

    I was giving my computer a free scan with spyzooka, just to be sure everything is ok. I was perplexed of what it found. 764 Dialer infested my computer. I don’t know when did that happen, but i removed it imediatly. Now I’m waiting for the bill…. Hope is not a huge one. Anyway…I’m happy that I knew what to choose to defend my computer. SpyZooka is a real help.

  2. Lewis Owen says:

    I’m no computer expert and for many years I have had this program on my old computer. All I can say is that SpyZooka is brilliant!

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