Absolu-trans Dialer Profile

Absolu-trans was first discovered on August 17 of 2006.  It is distributed by Carpe Diem, a well-known developer of Porn Dialers, and is transmitted from websites promoting transsexual pornography.  It is of French origin.

Absolu-trans, as most programs of its type, is installed on your computer by an ActiveX drive-by download.  It has also been seen to be manually installed in some cases.  Some of its hosting sites are absolutrans.com, exotiquetrans.com, and eclateanus.com.

Absolu-trans attacks your computer by hijacking your computer’s dial-up modem.  It starts with a pop-up window showing the Terms and Conditions for using their product.  It then exploits it to call “900” phone numbers instead of your usual Internet service provider to the tune of $3.99 per minute.  This can result in enormous phone bills.  Carpe Diem shares in the spoils with the phone number’s server, if it’s not they who own it.

Absolu-trans also serves as a component for other malware programs.  Trojans, such as Backdoors and Downloaders are typical, as are Worms.  In this capacity, it provides the connection to the server, typically by IRC technology.  It also comes bundled with other Dialer programs under the collective “Carpe Diem” aliases.

If you discover that you are infected with Absolu-trans, you should remove it immediately with ZookaWare PC Cleaner.

Also Known As:
Asiatsex, BlondeSalope,
CazzoCulo, F, Dialer.CapreDeam
Dialer-Generic, orgieanal,
TROJ_MALPIH.A, Dialer.Agent.Gen,
Dial/Carped-K, Dialer.Win32.Adialer

Spyware Type:

Associated Files:

Start Menu\orgieanal.lnk
Start Menu\Programs\HOT Dialer\orgieanal.lnk
Owner\Start Menu\Programs\HOT Dialer\Uninstall orgieanal.lnk
Program Files\Montorgueil\14.06368
Program Files\Montorgueil\orgieanal\orgieanal.exe
Program Files\Montorgueil\orgieanal\orgieanal.ico
Temporary Files\absolu-trans.exe
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\TypedURLs




HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Montorgueil Access=”H”

ADD    CanLaunch=”O”
ADD    Device=””
ADD    Modem=””
ADD    Num=”0″
ADD    Prefixe=”0″
ADD    Silent=”N”
ADD    Standard=”N”


ADD    Fournisseur=”0″
ADD    Produit=”0″
ADD    Tracking=”0″
ADD    Ver=”1406368″


ADD    ID=”0018765″
ADD    Langue=”9″
ADD    Pays=”1″

ADD    ActiveService=”RasMan”

ADD    ActiveService=”TapiSrv”

ADD    ActiveService=”RasMan”

ADD    ActiveService=”TapiSrv”

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  1. natacha lee says:

    I don’t know how I was so stupid to download that thing. I am using SpyZooka’s services for some time and it even warned me about what I’m doing. I ignored the warnings and Here was this Dialer.Carpe_Diem… Thank god that SpyZooka removed it right away. You should never do what I’ve done 😉

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