Oh No, AdvancedCleaner Has Got To Go!

Once again nasty malware has reared its ugly head and it could be infecting your computer.These programs are getting more virulent and harder to control, so having a good anti-spyware program on your computer is becoming essential.This time the culprit is called AdvancedCleaner, and like many other of the nasty spyware/malware programs that attach themselves to your system uninvited, AdvancedCleaner is a pain in the tuckus.

What is this thing?

AdvancedCleaner, according the description the vendor provides, is a program that is ‘the perfect solution’ to protecting your computer system.The vendor claims that it will regularly scan and hide data that you deem unwanted or that is compromising your computer system.It will clean your registries, history records, and logs for you and get rid of any compromising evidence that could get you in trouble with other family members if found.It will also search for, detect, and hide adult materials that may have found its way onto your computer by accident – or even on purpose.

And this is a problem why?

AdvancedCleaner is a rogue security software program that will make you believe that your computer is infected with all sorts of nasty viruses, spyware and malware.This is how the company draws you into purchasing it.It will pop up and scan your computer and provide you with a list of ‘problems’.The catch is that you have to pay for the full AdvancedCleaner program in order to have it clean up your computer of all the ‘problems’ it found.

What’s problematic about AdvancedCleaner is that it can show up on your computer bundled with other malware programs that provide other services.Even if you don’t accept the program downloads, AdvancedCleaner can still install itself onto your system and run in the background.When this happens, your computer can slow down, your registry could get changed, and it may hijack your desktop and Internet settings.

So how do I protect myself and get rid of AdvancedCleaner from my system?

Protecting yourself is the easy part.Using a good, reliable anti-virus and anti-spyware/malware program goes a long way to protecting your computer from invasions from programs like AdvancedCleaner.Because it is considered a form of Trojan virus, a comprehensive and up-to-date anti-virus program should be triggered when AdvancedCleaner is detected.By making sure your programs have the most current detection files loaded into them – which you can ensure by setting them to accept automatic updates from their parent company – you can keep these nasty programs from invading your computer.

Getting rid of AdvancedCleaner can be accomplished by running a complete anti-spyware program on your computer.If you are an advanced computer user, you could go through your files and registries and remove the AdvancedCleaner files yourself, although it is not recommended for novices.

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