Advertbar is a Serious Threat to Your Computer

Advertbar is a toolbar that has several other malicious programs packed with it. It can be installed from very sources on the Internet or downloaded onto your computer through a security exploit or a Trojan.

Symptoms of Advertbar include pop-up ads that include characters from popular movies, changes in browser settings, and a slower computer. Advertbar has been known to monitor your browsing activities and connect to third party servers to share the information it has gathered.

It is recommended that you remove Advertbar as soon as you can. In order to manually remove it from your computer you must remove these logs from your computer’s registry:


You must also remove the following files:

advertbar.lnk in Desktop\
advertbar.lnk in Documents and Settings\UserName\start menu\

You should kill the process called “advertbar.exe” and delete the following directory:

Documents and Settings\UserName\start menu\advertbar.lnk

You should bear in mind that while this seems like a simple process, Advertbar could easily be reinstalled by a Trojan and you would have to go through the process over and over again. It would be much easier to use ZookaWare PC Cleaner to remove Advertbar for you, as well as any other malicious threats that may be on your computer. After all, ZookaWare PC Cleaner is the only antispyware program with a 100% spyware removal guarantee and can restore your computer to full health in short order.

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