The 9 Questions to Ask Your Antispyware Company

If you’re confused by the endless antispyware choices here is a quick checklist of features you should make sure your antispyware software has.

Whether you buy our antispyware software or a competitors we want to make sure you get the best antispyware software for you. Here are the features we consider necessary for any legitimate antispyware software to have:

1. 100% Spyware Removal Guarantee: Independant testing confirms that no antispyware software can remove all your spyware on the first scan. But ZookaWare PC Cleaner has developed a system where we provide all customers a free update within 24 hours if all your spyware wasn’t removed on the first scan.

2. 24/7 Customer Support: I’m talking about real support that solves your problem and does so in English.

3. Better Business Bureau Member: With so many scams taking place in the antispyware industry (like rogue antispyware and companies using false positives to trick you into buying their software) I only recommend buying software from a company that is a member of the Better Business Bureau.

4. Spyware Database Updates: Since new spyware is being released every day your antispyware software should provide at least one update per day.

5. Guard Feature: Your antispyware software should have an extensive guard feature that prevents future spyware infection. The guards should block known spyware as well as behavioural guards that look for common spyware behaviour and blocks it before it infects your pc.

6. Full Scan: All great antispyware software will do a full scan of your pc using a cryptographic signature like crc32 or md5. What this means is better detection, less false positives and even the hardest to remove spyware can be removed.

7. Highly Awarded: A quality antispyware program will display several awards it has won on their site from respected sources like Tucows.

8. Simple to Use: The software you choose should do it’s job of keeping you spyware free and thats it. Don’t buy antispyware with bloated un-wanted features that’s going to slow down your pc. Antispyware software should automate everything from scanning to downloading updates. You should be able to set it and forget it.

9. Spyware Robot: The robot surfs the internet 24/7 downloading spyware and analyzing it to add to the spyware database. This is the fastest and most accurate way of finding new spyware.

Before you buy antispyware software, or renew your existing license, check if the company meets all of those criteria.

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