Antispywarepro2009 Is Just One More Rogue

The recent explosion of rogue antispyware products has introduced a lot of confusion into a task that should have been relatively simple: that of protecting your computer from malware by choosing a legitimate antispyware product. Antispywarepro2009 is just one more rogue to add to the list of what to avoid, and if you are tired of having to keep up with what’s fake and what’s not, you’ve found the right place at last.

Most rogue antispyware programs, regardless of their level of clever cloaking to disguise the scam, operate on the same principle: convince you that your computer is riddled with malware and that the only way to solve the problem is by buying the full version of the program. This is the tactic of antispywarepro2009, and while it is actually a weaker application than many rogues, it is still a program that can cause a lot of damage if left on your computer.

Infection by antispywarepro2009 occurs either by means of a Zlob or Vundo Trojan already on the computer which has opened a security hole, or by visiting infected websites which are most often arrived at when an unsuspecting user clicks on a misleading advertisement.

Either way, once antispywarepro2009 is on your machine it will configure itself to start automatically whenever Windows is booted up. It will attempt to scan your machine and then bombard you with pop ups claiming that it has found infections, which are often legitimate computer files that your system needs to run. If the pop ups are blocked, it will install a Trojan as a browser helper object on Internet Explorer which will redirect you to those same webpages anytime you try to do a search. It will also stay running in the background, hogging your computer’s processing capacity and staying connected to the Internet without your knowledge so that it can download more adware, and further slow your machine. Last but not least, antispywarepro2009 will deliberately disorder your operating system and delete hidden system files critical to proper function, in an added effort to convince you that there is something seriously wrong with your computer.

You can remove programs like antispywarepro2009 by killing their running processes, deleting their associated registry entries and files, and unregistering their DLLs. While this method is effective on a case by case basis, so long as you don’t accidentally delete the wrong file, it doesn’t ensure that you won’t have to do the same process again and again, as each new rogue finds a way to slip onto your computer and attempt to scam you out of money.

A more effective, long-term solution is found in ZookaWare PC Cleaner. ZookaWare PC Cleaner is the only antispyware tool currently available that guarantees 100% removal of every last bit of malware that your computer is exposed to. Plus, your satisfaction is backed up with a money-back guarantee, so you never need concern yourself with losing more money on a product that doesn’t suit you. If you’re tired of dealing with rogues like antispywarepro2009, ZookaWare PC Cleaner is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

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