Antivermins Exposed?

Like many forms of rogue antispyware, the AntiVermins program tries to take advantage of a computer user by installing itself on a machine, then displaying popups to the effect that the computer is infected or at risk.

These pop-ups will usually appear in the bottom right-hand task bar, where the clock and other oft-used, friendly icons appear. This makes AntiVermins particularly insidious, because the warnings can appear authentic to a user who isn’t paying close attention.

These “warnings” can vary, but many times they’ll say something like: “Your computer is infected! Critical system error!” or “Dangerous infection was detected on your PC!” or “System Performance Monitor: Warning!” Before you click on any of these bubbles or pop-up windows, be sure you know what you are getting into.

What is Antivermins?

Malicious spyware programs such as Anti Vermins (also known as AntiVerminiser and AntiVermeans) usually attach themselves to a user’s machine when he or she visits an unknown (read “unethical”) website. Even clicking on a link that takes you to another page on one of these suspicious sites can result in spyware being uploaded to your machine. ZLOB Trojans are to blame for many of these infections, so it is important to make sure your antispyware, antivirus and antispam software is always up-to-date and protecting you from these nasty add-ons.

How do I remove Antivermins?

AntiVermins can be removed fairly easily from an infected computer (assuming the user knows they’ve been infected, of course). There are manual and software programs one can run to get rid of AntiVermins. The trouble is getting rid of the original ZLOB that installed the spyware in the first place.

For this, you really need a good antispyware program that will remove any and all infections, including Trojans and rogues like AntiVermins.

For a little insight into how devious rogue antispyware can be, let’s take a look at the AntiVermins homepage. In all honesty, I probably shouldn’t even have navigated to this site, but my computer is protected, so I feel confident that I won’t be infected by clicking through the pages.

The AntiVermins homepage features good graphics with a picture of a box of software called “AntiVermins: Spyware Protection Tool.” The site has been recently updated with a list of new “threats” that AntiVermins claims to detect and eliminate, such as, Backdoor.Win32.Bionet.f,, and Trojan.Win32.Spabot.ap among others.

On every page, there is a big green “Download” button that lets you quickly and easily download this malicious program onto your machine. Unsuspecting users looking for a free solution to their malware and spyware problems can really cause themselves more grief by downloading this masquerading program. They even have a paid version, so if you’re really determined, you can spend money to infect your machine.

Like legitimate sites, the AntiVermins page is set up with testimonials from users, an FAQ page, some fairly informative articles about spyware and a privacy policy. When you know, like we do, that all of this is a lie, the privacy policy and the testimonials from “satisfied customers” are truly laughable.

Don’t let yourself be fooled by AntiVermins or its malicious counterparts. To ensure you’re protected, make positive that your antispyware program comes from a legitimate source that you have researched. People online are very honest in forums and discussion groups, and we can all learn from the experiences of those who’ve been burned before us.

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