AntivirusXPPro is Highly Threatening – Avoid it At All Costs

AntivirusXPPro is a fake anti-spyware application. If this rogue begins displaying messages to you warning that there are infected files and other security problems on your pc, do not download it! It is a fake, and cannot scan your computer. More than likely there are no infections on your pc, but this application would like you to believe there is. Why? They do this so that they can trick you into purchasing their product – a total waste of money.

Where does AntivirusXPPro come from, and why is it on your pc? This particular application is usually installed by trojans such as zlob or false codecs. Sometimes it is installed by web downloaders or manually, because you are redirected by hidden trojans to the website. However it gets there, you don’t want it. Remove it as soon as you can. This application can block your browsing, so that you cannot surf the internet. It is very irritating, indeed.

I’m sure you know that there are many fake anti-spyware applications floating around in cyber space. These programs are designed specifically to scare the life out of you and take your money. If you do have a spyware problem, you absolutely must get rid of it, but not with one of these rogues. Some can even place infections and other threats on your pc that didn’t exist before.

What exactly is spyware, anyway? It is software that gets installed on your pc to track what you do while you are online. This software gathers information about you, such as what websites you visit, what topics you search for, and even personal information like passwords. Why does it do this? So that it can send related ads to you through pop-ups, banner ads and spam email messages. By sending ads that are related to your interests, the hope is that you will purchase something from these ads.

I can guarantee you that you will know it if spyware is on your pc. Pop-up ads will bombard you at every turn, and you may notice that your computer is slower than normal. New toolbars, a changed homepage, and browser redirection are some other things you might notice. How did it get there? You may have gotten spyware from other files you innocently downloaded, such as videos, weather, messengers, freeware, etc. You don’t realize that you are downloading spyware, as it “hides” in the background.

What should you do when you realize you are a victim? Remove it immediately using an authentic anti-spyware application. Always be cautious, and never download fakes such as AntivirusXPPro. Avoid any program that advertises to you through pop-up ads, or that you didn’t search for yourself. While they may not always be threatening, most are.

Spyzooka is the only anti-spyware product that will remove 100% of viruses, trojans, worms and other parasites that may be present. In fact, we are the only ones that make this guarantee!  If you have a problem, use Spyzooka. One scan and the security of your pc will be completely restored – and protected from future problems.

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