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Atlass is part of a larger spyware infection called the StartPage Trojan.  StartPage is a Cool Web Search Trojan variant.  StartPage has several spyware features, specifically being a Downloader, a Browser Hijacker, and a Trojan Backdoor.  Atlass serves a dual purpose for the StartPage program.

Atlass is the Trojan Backdoor and part of the Browser Hijacker.  As the Backdoor program, Atlass exposes your computer to hackers by providing them with a means to bypass your security features and have full access to your computer and control it remotely.

As the Browser Hijacker, Atlass monitors your Internet browsing and sends the information it collects to a remote server.  They do this to send you customized ads based on your browsing habits.  StartPage collectively will reset your home page to one of its vendor’s choosing, and will redirect your browsing to its affiliate sites.

If you get infected with StartPage and Atlass, you should remove it as soon as possible.  Its adware delivery is a nuisance and can cause problems with your computer’s operating speed and stability.  Its spyware abilities are a potential threat to your privacy, and can further infect your computer with more spyware.  We recommend ZookaWare PC Cleaner.

Also Known As:

Associated Files:
adtech2005.exe,  atlass.dll, dh.dll,
EXPLORER32DBG.EXE, htass.dll,
icoou.dll, icooue.dll, IEXPLORE_DBG.EXE,
mscornet.exe, mset.dll, mssearchnet.exe,
msysmsgk.exe, nvctrl.exe, porynt.dll, shdochp.exe,
shdocnvt.dll, smssu.exe, snim.dll, sonudman.exe,
svchop.exe, svcnt32.exe, svcnut.exe, svcnvt.exe,
timessquare.exe, Tmntsrv32.EXE, wnim.dll, xmllib.dll,
xmllibui.exe, XMLLIBW.DLL, adsldpbf.dll, sehlp.dll,
sehlpw.dll, csrssu.exe, atlassw.dll, htassui.exe, alg32.exe,
spoolsvu.exe, HTASS.HTDP, HTASS.HTDP.1,
ATLASS.ATDP.1, AnalyzeIE.DOMPeek, AnalyzeIE.DOMPeek.1,
Host, MSMsgSvc, SEHLPstp, WTLBAstp, HTAssADutid,
HTAssutid, HTAssittid, HTAssistid, HTAssiftid, HTAssID, HTAssBnxt

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