Avoid Antispyware Pro 2009

When spyware developers stumble across a scam that works, you can bet they’ll run with it until they can run no more. They’ll take a “successful” program and replicate it over and over, just changing the name enough to avoid major detection. Such is the case with antispyware pro 2009, a rogue antispyware application in the same family as Antispyware Pro XP and AntiSpyware 2008 XP. Which ever name it is going by, the game is the same: ruin your computer and trick you into paying them money to “fix” it for you.

Infection by antispyware pro 2009 is spread through the use of misleading advertisements that direct a user to rogue websites which claim that they are online malware scanners. Once on the page, antispyware pro 2009 will initiate a scan of the user’s system and then produce a list of numerous malicious programs that are supposedly residing therein. The program then urges you to buy the full version so that it can remove these threats for you. Unfortunately, the threat list generated is entirely fabricated and often lists legitimate files that your computer needs to function properly as “threats” than need to be removed.

Once installed on your computer, antispyware pro 2009 will run automatically every time Windows is started. It will then bombard you with popups and fake Windows taskbar security notices threatening dire results if you do not act quickly and buy the full version of the program. It will download more adware onto your computer, and will install an adware Trojan as a browser helper object on Internet Explorer that will redirect you to more rogue websites which further urge you to “invest” in the full version.

Because antispyware pro 2009 is rather weak as malware goes, your operating system may be able to block some of its malicious features, such as popup overload, without the use of special tools. While this can be helpful to the user, it can also allow antispyware pro 2009 to go about its business unnoticed until it is too late. This program has been known to delete critical system files in an attempt to further convince you that your computer is damaged and in need of antispyware pro 2009’s “repair” services.

Whichever way antispyware pro 2009 is presenting itself, it is imperative that it is removed immediately upon discovery in order to avoid further damage to your machine. You can do this manually by killing its running processes, deleting its associated files and registry entries, and unregistering its DLLs. While this method is effective, it does not prevent future attack, and runs the risk of accidental deletion of critical system files that your computer needs to run.

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  1. Ann Printer says:

    We saw something like this in our corner of Michigan recently.

    Can’t wait all these XP systems to start needing upgrades.

    Thanks for the post.

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