Beware of the Stealthy Bbmao Toolbar

Bbmao Toolbar is a browser plug-in stealthily installed. Without your knowledge this adware has been added to your computer.

Bbmao is a very nasty form of adware. Not only does it dish the normal advertising that one would expect from adware, but it also gives outsiders remote administrative access to your computer!

Most computer users will have difficulty removing this browser plug-in because it can reload itself and self-update when Windows and the Internet are restarted. We recommend trying ZookaWare PC Cleaner’s free scan to see if you have any spyware undetected on your computer.

Protect your and your computer’s security–remove Bbmao Toolbar now! ZookaWare PC Cleaner has a 100% spyware removal guarantee that you should try today!

Relative file contents:
%program_files%\bbmao toolbar\affid.dat
%program_files%\bbmao toolbar\basis.xml
%program_files%\bbmao toolbar\bbmao_logo.bmp
%program_files%\bbmao toolbar\bbmao_tb_v1_0_pd1002.crc
%program_files%\bbmao toolbar\bbmao_tb_v1_0_pd1002.dll
%program_files%\bbmao toolbar\bbmao_tb_v1_0_pd1002.inf
%program_files%\bbmao toolbar\cache\3ac97a370f9b97baf454cceb9da3fb3a.xml
%program_files%\bbmao toolbar\icons.bmp
%program_files%\bbmao toolbar\newversion.txt
%program_files%\bbmao toolbar\options.html
%program_files%\bbmao toolbar\version.txt
%program_files%\bbmao toolbar\bbmao_tb_v1_0_pd1002.dll

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