Don’t Be a Victim of Isafeantivirus

Here we go again, more rogue antispyware that is simply a clone of another malicious program. Isafeantivirus happens to the latest in a series of scam programs that are only designed to con people out of money.

Isafeantivirus is not that well known yet, until you realize that it is just a clone of VirusRespone Lab 2009. Both of these programs are just like all of the other rogue antispyware programs that can infect someone computer except for one small difference.

What makes Isafeantivirus different is that it can hide on someone’s computer for some time gathering information about the user. It is not currently known what type of information Isafeantivirus gathers, but some people believe the information pertains to identity theft.

Most of the rogue antispyware programs out there simply want you to pay for a fake full version by covering a computer screen with pop-ups and by redirecting Internet Explorer to sites that will offer the user the opportunity to remove Isafeantivirus if only they pay for it. Even when someone is conned into buying Isafeantivirus, or any of the similar programs, they will never be protected.

The people that write these types of programs are only out to con people out of money which is understandable when you consider that some of these scammers are making millions of dollars a year. What make it difficult to catch these scammers is that most of them are in countries like Russia.

Russia is home to some of the worst cybercriminals in the world and the largest group in Russia is known as the Russian Business Network. Many people suspect that the Russian Business Network is responsible of Isafeantivirus as well as its predecessor VirusRespone Lab 2009. Not only are the Russian Business Network the world’s largest producers of rogue antispyware, they are considered the largest purveyor of other types of programs that are designed for identity theft on the Internet.

If you happen to get your computer infected with Isafeantivirus there are several things that you need to do. After you get Isafeantivirus removed you must remember that you need to change all of your passwords. With Isafeantivirus having the ability to hide on someone’s computer for some time gathering information there is a chance that some of the user’s personal information might already be compromised. If you do not currently have a malware removal program on your computer you might be putting yourself at risk when it comes to identity theft.

Getting Isafeantivirus off of a computer might be difficult to do manually, so you will want to use a good malware removal program. We here at Spyzooka believe we have the best malware removal program on the market and to prove it we are willing to offer a 100% guarantee. Not only are we guaranteeing that Spyzooka will remove Isafeantivirus and all other types of rogue antispyware programs, we are offering a complete money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied in the first thirty days of using Spyzooka.

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