Don’t Fall for AntispywareProtector!

Have you heard (or maybe had an experience with) AntispywareProtector? I am constantly on the look-out for fake software that can threaten the security of PC’s and their users, and this is definitely one you don’t want to mess with. Although its main purpose is to take your money, it can cause severe damage to your computer. If you have a spyware problem, don’t use this program to get rid of it!

Legitimate anti-spyware programs are designed to remove spyware from your pc, and restore your security. Rogue applications such as AntispywareProtector do absolutely nothing to secure your pc. In fact, they have the ability to cause even more damage. This particular product can crash your operating system if left too long. Most of these fakes make a big attempt to scare you into purchasing their product.

If you aren’t really familiar with spyware and what it does, let me explain a little further. Spyware is software that sometimes sneaks through with other programs you download. Freeware, online computer games and message alerts are often the culprits, though you can get spyware from other sources. As the name implies, it does actually “watch” what you do when you are online.

Will you know if your pc becomes infected? I can guarantee you will know it. Between the harassing pop-up ads and other symptoms, there is no way you won’t be aware that something is wrong. Many times, you will notice that your computer is much slower than normal, and that you are getting spam emails related to searches you have been performing while online. Your browser may redirect to strange websites, and your homepage may change.

Spyware programs carry varying threat levels, but I suggest you remove it immediately, no matter what danger you think it presents. These software programs can actually get hold of your private information, such as passwords, credit card details, and any other online business activities. In rare instances, your personal identity can be at risk. You don’t want to risk this, so remove it ASAP.

Now that I have explained what spyware is, you have a clearer understanding of how it works and why you should be on the lookout for suspicious goings-on with your computer. A reliable anti-spyware product should scan your pc for viruses, worms, trojans and any other infections that may be present. It should then remove them, and restore security to your computer and your personal information. I say should, because most aren’t totally effective. In fact, most only remove up to 90% of the threats that are present, and they must ALL be removed.

Fake programs like AntispywareProtector should never be downloaded, so be very cautious. Spyzooka is the number one anti-spyware product on the market. In fact, I can tell you that it is the only one that guarantees 100% removal of all threats with just one scan. Your pc, personal identity and peace of mind will be totally restored.

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ZookaWare runs on Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10. It has no ads, popups or bundled software and fully uninstalls by clicking Start > All Programs > select ZookaWare and click Uninstall.

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