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When it comes to spyware, the best defense is a good offense.  When choosing which spyware software to use, it’s best to look for products that take action before spyware has attacked a computer, rather than waiting until after the spyware has already taken hold.  The best anti-spyware programs monitor every bit of information that tries to enter a computer, and it keeps suspicious actors from penetrating your computer’s outer core.

In order to thrive, spyware needs to be as secretive as possible, and it relies upon the negligence of computer users who let their guard down. Spyware doesn’t care when this happens; it could be in the first half-second that your computer is connected to the Internet.  Thus, it’s a good idea to install anti-spyware software even before you set up your home or office Internet connection.

Enterprise is a specific category of anti-spyware software that makes it easy for network administrators to block spyware to a larger network of users.  This prevents the users within the network from having to constantly monitor and tinker with their software to prevent spyware on their individual computers.

The advantages of this software are apparent to any tech-savvy high-ranking corporate official.  After all, it’s no secret that employees use their office computers for purposes not related to work. The days are past when CEOs tried to entirely prevent this activity, as attempts to do so tend to lead to negative employee sentiment.  Now, the conventional wisdom is that employees should be permitted a certain amount of personal computer activity — enough to keep them happy — but not so much that it interferes with productivity.

Work-related activities do enough to open a computer to the spyware threat, and, clearly, personal Web activities only increase the level of this threat. So, if we can’t stop employees from using their Internet access for personal reasons, then we can at least put in place proper safety measures, so that their activity is not harmful to the network and the company as a whole.

This is where enterprise anti-spyware software comes in.  It is completely controlled by a company’s network administrator, which means that the company’s workers don’t even have to know it exists.  It works behind the scenes, so to speak.  No matter how secretive an employee’s personal activities are, enterprise anti-spyware software will monitor it.  In other words, it does the close, personal monitoring that the network administrator can’t ethically do.

Enterprise anti-spyware is a relatively new development in anti-spyware software, coming some years after spyware was a recognized problem.  Basically, it took a few years for large networks and companies to figure out that standard, single computer-based anti-spyware software wasn’t working, and indeed was compromising the security of companies and their private information.

Indeed, spyware has proven remarkably adaptable; like real, organic viruses, it adapts to resist the measures and remedies designed to get rid of it.  For a company to have to continue to update its software on each and every computer in the network is tall order, particularly when the computers are essentially in the care of private individuals for much of the day.  Fortunately, software companies soon recognized this issue, and designed software to accommodate the growing problem of spyware attacking companies’ networks.

Today, enterprise anti-spyware programs are made by a variety of companies, each of which take a unique approach.  For this reason, network administrators would be well-advised to take many different options into account.  After all, the network and the security of the company itself are at stake, and nothing short of the best enterprise anti-spyware software is acceptable.

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