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ErrorSafe is, at first glance, a software program that claims to clean Windows registry errors and fix damaged files. It also claims to clean your disk space and detect hard-drive errors. Sounds great, right? Not so fast.

Actually, ErrorSafe is one of the class of malicious programs known as “rogue antispyware.” It masquerades as a helpful tool, ever vigilant to protect your computer from infection and corruption. When in reality it does the opposite.

ErrorSafe is a fake, or “rogue,” anti-spyware program that infects your computer. After infiltrating your system through a trojan horse or other security exploit, ErrorSafe creates warning messages and alerts that look like authentic Windows warnings.

The warning says “NOTICE: If your computer has errors in the registry database or file system, it could cause unpredictable or erratic behavior, freezes and crashes. Fixing these errors can increase your computer’s performance and prevent data loss. Would you like to install ErrorSafe to check your computer for free? (Recommended)”

After this initial warning, you are presented with an OK or a Cancel button. Keep in mind that this looks, sounds and acts like a legitimate Windows alert, but it is not. Clicking “OK” will download the malicious files onto your hard drive. These files not only slow performance, they also compromise your security and can corrupt your files.

How do I remove ErrorSafe?

If you notice erratic computer behavior, such as redirecting to websites you don’t want to go to, or more pop-up ads than usual, chances are that you have been infected. Trying to remove such infections is not suggested for most users, as damage to necessary operating files is always a risk.

Because of the insidious nature of ErrorSafe and other scareware, most experts advise against trying to clean it off your system yourself. Using the Add/Remove Program function can actually cause even more problems, including system crashes and possible memory dumps.

While many people do attempt to remove spyware from their computers, there are files and extensions where such viruses may hide, and they are very difficult to track down. Thinking you may have eradicated the problem, you may be amazed to find your computer acting peculiar once again in a short amount of time.

Fortunately, it is possible to eliminate ErrorSafe from your system. The best way to do this is to install legitimate anti-spyware software, and use it regularly to keep your system free from these interlopers. Be sure you keep your version updated, and your subscription in force. That way you’ll always have the most recent versions of the software, and the most current protection.
How Do I Avoid Spyware?

Use safe computing practices whenever you are online, and teach them to your family and co-workers. Be vigilant when downloading freeware or shareware on the computer. This includes music and videos, and in many cases, email attachments from people you don’t know or trust. And never download anything through a pop-up box from a site you don’t know.

To keep your system clean and running well, be sure to have valid anti-spyware and anti-virus software, purchased from a reputable dealer. To be on the safe side, it’s best to purchase full versions of each and then install them on your computer in order to utilize full support for each of these malicious infections. Having a firewall installed and turned on another important step toward protecting your computer.

Protect your computer, your secure information and your privacy by purchasing adequate, reliable software that is designed to eradicate most of the typical attacks against your computer. After all, your peace of mind and Internet security is at risk.

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