Find and Remove MagicAds From Your Computer

MagicAds is a supposed “browser helper object.”  It plays itself off as a program that will enhance your web surfing experience.  And it will—if your entire experience is based around looking at pop-up ads.

Most BHOs try this same trick, claiming to be an aid to your browsing, while secretly spying on the websites you look at and the keywords you enter in order to target you with advertising.

The companies that do this advertising try to play it off as an “enhanced user experience.”  The standard line is that your experience will be better, if the ads you see are targeted to your browsing and search patterns.

What this line fails to mention is not only that you will see advertisements that you wouldn’t normally see; there is also the much larger issue of how your privacy is being violated.

MagicAds File Contents:

maAd.exe (shows up in both Win directory and Temp directory)

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