Find and Remove MRJ.Lowzone Trojan/Adware

MRJ.Lowzone is not only a piece of adware—it is a Trojan horse as well!  Trojan programs create a “back door” for other programs to get into your computer. Once you have a Trojan active on your system, anything can infect it!

Lowzone is likely to cause Internet Explorer to crash often or run slow, and may even effect other browsers such as Firefox in the same manner.  It can also slow down general PC and laptop performance as well.

MRJ.Lowzone has also been known to add websites to Microsoft Internet Explorer’s “trust zone” without user permission.  This can keep Explorer from alerting you if you visit a potentially unsafe website.  It may also put some of its files in your Temp folder, making it harder to detect.

Norton has been known to quarantine, but not actually delete, the Lowzone threat.  We highly recommend ZookaWare PC Cleaner if you actually want to get rid of this Trojan.

MRJ.Lowzone file contents:



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