Getting Rid of MyCentria Adware

Unless you gave permission for someone to track every move you make online, profiling, targeting, and tracking individuals are unethical practices and should be illegal.  MyCentria is completely unnecessary.  There is no government regulation for 3rd party advertisements, so it is left completely to the advertiser to decide what they should or shouldn’t do and what the market will tolerate.

MyCentria is an add on for Internet Explorer or Firefox.  When it is attached to Firefox, it is called Adcentria Infobar.  On Internet Explorer, it goes by MyCentria Internet Mate v 2.0.  It can be harmful and invasive.  Although I’ve seen more serious threats, you really don’t want to keep this thing hanging around.

You can call it adware, spyware, or malware.  The basic idea is snooping around on your computer until they get the information that is needed.  Everyone does a little snooping every now and then.  Who hasn’t perked up their ears at a conversation that sounds interesting, or looked at a handwritten note that wasn’t theirs?  It’s not necessarily a criminal act, but it’s still an invasion of privacy.  Some adware crosses the line into spying.  Advertisers have been trying to do this for years.  When you watch a prime time show, the advertisements are geared to suit the audience.  When you go online, it’s the same basic principle.

There are some people that might argue that adware is a useful marketing tool.  By collecting demographics and browsing habits, your online experience is geared to your tastes.  I don’t know about you, but this is a little creepy to me.  It’s a little more than an invasion of privacy.  This is just too “Big Brother” for me.  It takes away the human factor and goes beyond marketing.

MyCentria originates in the Russian Federation.  The purpose of the program is unclear.  It is a 3rd party advertiser that displays pop-ups and pop-unders.  Who is monitoring this information is uncertain.  I can tell you that the Russian Federation is the gutter of the hacking world.  Their government has bigger issues to deal with, such as meeting basic daily consumption, before it can even dream about cracking down on hackers.

If you found MyCentria on your computer, you need to remove it immediately.  You probably have some other well-hidden malware that came along with it.  You can remove this one manually if you have a couple hours.  Personally, I think that the investment of an anti-spyware program that works is worth my time and money.  Prevention is a lot better than treatment.

Find a reputable anti-spyware company that offers a 24-hour removal guarantee.   Has the company received recognition or rewards for their programs?  There aren’t many anti-spyware programs out there that have.  Are they in good standing with the Better Business Bureau?

Getting rid of MyCentria should be easy.  Surfing the Internet with peace of mind is tough.  Protect yourself.  Don’t accept unsolicited 3rd party cookies.  Keep your security settings updated.  Buy a good anti-spyware program that will take care of spyware, Trojans, worms, viruses, rootkits, adware, browser hijacking, and malware.

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