How to Remove IST.Protector

In and of itself, IST.Protector won’t cause your computer any harm.  The only time you’ll run into trouble with it is when you try to remove IST.PowerScan.  IST.Protector is a piece of software that keeps ISTs other malicious softwares (such as PowerScan) from being removed.

It is an ActiveX-based download that does its best to keep various types of adware, spyware, and toolbars on your hard drive.  What’s worse, it will get and install new IST files to you computer as they are available.

Many people try and remove malicious software like IST.Protector by deleting the file or folder names associated with the programs.  But what they often don’t know is that programs like this will leave hidden files in various parts of the Windows System directory.  These files may be used to repair or even re-spawn the original malware program.

This isn’t the only reason to get good protection for your computer.  A program like Spyzooka will prevent this kind of software from downloading in the first place.  If you don’t want to download a free trial of Spyzooka, please get some kind of malware removal program to remove this software.

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